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Stupid RSS Tricks: PHP, Magpie, and RSS 2004 Jan 26

I’ve just put up a listing of the most recent posts to websandiego using the RSS library for PHP called Magpie.

http://websandiego.org/recentposts/ is where I’ve put it.

http://websandiego.org/recentposts/source.php is the sourcecode in question. I think it was Steve Eisenberg who noted that YahooGroups provides an RSS Feed for the group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/websandiego/messages/?rss=1

The whole *point* of the syndication thing is to allow this kind of thing, and this is pretty nifty. It uses caching, and supposedly uses conditional GET to make sure the page does not hit yahoo too hard.

I’d love to hear feedback from people about what they think of it or if they have other ideas for how websandiego.org can use RSS. We still have an RSS event calendar on the front page — but that really is dependent on people using the Sharpe calendars. Sadly, it’s hard to get people to use a unified calendar, or even to publish a unified calendar.

Anyone have programming or other feedback?

Or even a better construct for doing alternating colors in a table. 🙂

My clunky code is: if ($counter==0) { $color=$colorOne; $counter++; } else {$color=$colorTwo; counter=0;}

More on Magpie: http://magpierss.sourceforge.net/

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