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Blog? What’s it good for?2004Feb20

Tom Bickle asks:

Now that you’ve been at it for a few years, what do you think is the single most useful aspect of keeping an online journal? Self-reflection? A “backup-brain?” Form of expression? What do *you* get out of it that you most value?

I think the thing that’s best for me is as an “outlet” — a kind of pressure valve when things get rough. In good times, it’s nice to be able to write, but when things are bad, writing is a great mechanism for articulating my feelings and letting off steam.

Second best is indeed as a junk drawer for my thoughts and when things happen. When did I take a leave of absence? When did I move? It’s in the blog. What was that link for the funny David Hasselhoff video? When did I work on such-and-such project? It’s in the blog.

Great question Tom.

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