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Finals Over 2004 May 28

Statistics Final done today — and thanks to the magic of the internet I have my final grade — I did poorer on the final than I felt like I did — sadly I’ll never know what the results were — but my final grade in Statistics is a B. Also done is my Java class, which I excelled in — I got an A in that for certain. I also made some new friends.

The wildcard is Spanish — no idea when the professor will have graded the finals and all the rest of it for that class. I’ll probably have to wait for those grades in the mail.

12 units of school is really a full time job. I hadn’t appreciated that. I was so lucky when I did my associate degree to not have to work.

I still have much to learn, and I’m not talking about academia here. I have much to learn about my thoughts of myself, time management, and realistic expectations.

I’m on track for progressing to my Bachelor’s and Master’s — and learning about myself too.

Leah has been wonderfully supportive of me through this all. I can only wish I am as supportive of her.

Okay, so that was a burp of some personal stuff after a long absence from blogging here.

It’s time to catch up with everything I’ve let slide.


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