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  • Stray URLs from Comic Con Schwag

    Okay, so here’s where I do the traditional “go-through-my-con-crud” and extract the pearls and throw out everything. It’s always fun for me. It’s better than my old technique — which was to packrat it all for years and never look at it again. And it begins… Design Studio Press has awesome books about concept design….

  • Titan Magazines

    So I’m going over the crap I picked up at Comic-Con, and found a promo for Titan Magazines. You know, they have monthly and bimonthly magazines for fans of tv shows. The titles are: Alias, Angel, Bufffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, Smallville, and Stargate SG-1, and a catchall magazine called Dreamwatch. At first I was…

  • Joe as Star Wars Toy

    At the Con the Star Wars people had a booth where you could pretend to be an action figure. For those of you wondering what I would look like as a Star Wars toy, wonder no more.


    Tom Bickle is a new daddy. Congrats! And Janece is coming due real soon now. Babies all ’round. Talk about onward man!