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  • Stew at the Getty!

    I love free concerts by Stew: Stew (Friday Nights at the Getty) Date: Friday February 18, 2005, 7:30 pm Location: Harold M. Williams Auditorium Admission: Free. Reservations available beginning January 20 Stew has been called many things–singer/songwriter, cabaret philosopher, wiseguy troubadour, punk subversive, even the black Burt Bacharach. With his collaborator Heidi Rodewald, their rich…

  • How To Fix Mom’s Computer

    This is an excellent narrative of what it takes to go forth and fix a family member’s spyware ridden PC. Well worth a bookmark.

  • Volunteer Work at Apple

    The story of how Graphic Calculator came to be developed and shipped on the Mac is mindblowing. It reminds me of two plotlines from the comedy series Seinfeld. In one, George is fired from a job and continues to show up, as though nothing happened. In the other, Kramer starts showing up to a job…