Married & Moving & Seeking Employment: January 2005

Moorpark Library / Moorpark “It’s a Grind” Coffee House 2005 Jan 03

The Moorpark Library is not a hospitable place for internet access.

’nuff said.

however, muchos kudos to the Moorpark It’s a Grind Coffeehouse, for tasty coffee and free 802.11b.

blogged this at 1:58pm in 2005 in January. The 3rd was a Monday. You are reading this 15 years later. Comment. There is one comment Tweet. Send email. It has no hashtags.

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“nuff said.”??

No way, Ho-zay! There must be some good, descriptive reasons why it was inhospitable, I’ll wager. Bums? Concrete benches? Democrats?? Heh…

Details, I want details!! 🙂

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