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Full Contact Sport 2005 Apr 14

I’ve been doing some contact-papering in the house and I have to say, I don’t like it. I’ve been getting better at it, mind you. But generally I feel that contact paper is a pain in the neck. It sticks to itself, it gets bends and folds and little air bubbles and generally annoys.

It’s right up there with trying to draw a perfect circle or juggle — I put it in the category of “hard stuff that it is possible to do but the payoff is limited.” Well, maybe juggling is a bad example. I don’t know how to juggle so I’m using it out of ignorance.

Maybe as I do more contact papering I’ll learn to enjoy it. I can see that after contact paper, I think I’d enjoy putting up wallpaper. It seems like a more straightforward. But putting contact paper in a drawer or in a cabinet; matching the size and shape, standing on a stool and maintaining an awkward pose while installing the stuff — it’s a frustrating enterprise.

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The trick is to not peel off the backing all the way. Start by peeling off just an inch or two and getting it lined up. Then peel off the backing as you slowly stick the paper on the surface, smoothing with your hands as you go to get the bubbles out. If you get a bubble just prick it with a needle and it will stick down.

I have a lot of experience here… putting griptape on a skateboard without blowing it is a skill that takes practice!

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