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Incredulousness at Email Non-spam confirm tools 2005 May 05

I get furious at these things. If you use a service like this, and you send *me* an email, and expect me to reply, you’re not getting a reply from me. Don’t *email* me and then expect me to put up with your stupid filters.

Andre, I’m not getting your email. Bummer dude!

Hello this Andre’ thank you for your email.
Due to large amounts of Spam…I need Your Help!

I regret I don’t have your email address in my contact list. Would you be so kind and verify your email… it’s easy.

By quickly clicking on the link below, I’ll verify it’s you, then add you to my list, and that’s it. Best of all…

You’ll only have to do this ONCE!

Thanks again


Click here to verify your identity

P.s. I should mention, when click on the link your browser will open, fill in your name, and let me know it’s you in the “reasons for contacting me” box.

One other thing, I need to here back from you within 2 day(s) otherwise the mean software I use will automatically deleted your messages in the future.

Lets avoid that. Click and get through now.

Remember, you contacted *me*. I already proved _that I exist_. Don’t make me jump through hoops.

blogged this at 5:16pm in 2005 in May. The 5th was a Thursday. You are reading this 15 years later. Comment. There is one comment Tweet. Send email. It has no hashtags.

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Wow. In addition to being a self-absorbed prick who thinks you should navigate his anti-spam filter, he seems to have all the spelling and grammer skills of a spammer himself. I guess that’s where he learned his secrets to defeating them.

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