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  • Tips

    Don’t wait too long to cook your asparagus. Don’t leave the ladder on the lawn. Don’t watch _That’s So Raven_. Don’t call a 7″ bookcase a 10″ bookcase. Don’t run out of ketchup and soy milk. Don’t leave the car windows unrolled when the sprinklers are scheduled to turn on. Don’t sit too hard on…

  • Meg Vader

    Star Wars, Episode III, originally uploaded by ellison. Last week Devon and I sneaked away and saw an afternoon showing of _Revenge of the Sith_. We were greeted with the startling visage of Meg Vader, pictured here. Oh, on the right, that’s also Blockerman, sporting his custom-made “Prequels Suck” t-shirt. That man has style. *Related*:…

  • Shooting/Simi Valley

    So some fellow drove up here to Simi Valley from L.A. and holed up with a gun at the local Wal-Mart — Shooting suspect holed up in Wal-Mart — Shooting spree a shock for California community. The man later committed suicide in the store. Terrible. All this happened on Monday/Tuesday, and I totally missed it….