Married, moved, and getting it together.


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This weekend, we actually made headway on this. We have a pile of cardboard to recycle. Books on our bookshelves inside thanks to Leah. Oh, and the garage no longer looks like this image from two weeks ago.

A lot of work got done this weekend, of this kind, and others too.

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where is the ‘after’ photo?
you worked your tookus off in there, man. let’s see *that* photo….

uh… the “after” or the “tookus” photo.

i vote no on the latter. 🙂

aw come on….i think a “tookus” photo should be done…*giggle*…but i didn’t say it should be posted here….*wink*

all right, prudehead. just post what the garage looks like ‘after’ then…..

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