Married, moved, and getting it together.

Yesterday 2005 Jun 16

Not a high-water mark.

Found out the wife of a friend has a terminal brain tumor. 2 or 4 or 7 years to live so they say. Hope for a miracle.

Lost my cool and patience last night.

Power cord to the we-rely-on-it laptop is about to come apart and needs replacement.

Had ants show up in the kitchen after leaving lettuce out for like 20 minutes.

Some unhappiness over something I said that caused hurt feelings to someone I love.

Not a great day, yesterday.

I guess that’s why we get another chance today.

And tomorrow.

Seriously, yo, damn it, _onward_.

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I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s cancer. My favorite writing about how “guestimated” survival timelines can be bullshit is by the prominant paleontologist Stephan Jay Gould, who lived about 20 years after his diagnosis said he’d live only another 8 months:

It’s a little bit on the brainy side about why statistics can lie and bring people down, but different things appeal to differ folks and I’m more of a take-comfort-in-the-analysis-of-numbers guy myself than spiritual/religious.

I hope today was a better day for you. I read an article in the Wall Street Journal about the promise of proton therapy. They have a clinic at Loma Linda and can remove things no one else is willing to or can.

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