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Liberty Bill: Put The Constitution on the Dollar 2005 Jun 18

blogged this at 12:41pm in 2005 in June. The 18th was a Saturday. You are reading this 15 years later. Comment. There are 2 comments Tweet. Send email. It has no hashtags.

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A very interesting idea.

Of course, it’ll also raise the side-question that the traditional “In God We Trust” line technically violates the 1st Amendment (which becomes a bit more obvious when we start listing the Amendments right there on the bill under that very line). Can’t wait to see the interesting arguments that arise. :-O

And, if course, if we ever pass another Amendment, we’ll have to update the bill again… not that that happens often… hmm… sort of a history embedded in the currency…

Yeah, there’s a whole pile of good reasons to do this.

I really like it too.

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