this is the website of joe crawford. code. occasional comics. toy robots. san diego.
  • Orange Green Guy, 1989

    An experiment in watercolor. Color stands out in my notebooks because most of what I’ve ever made has been with pen and only pen.

  • Sunglasses Girl with Sweater, 1989

    Another one of a girl. Again, slightly punky hair. I like the cross-hatching on the sweater. Funny that I never know, as I look through old drawings, what will catch my eye to post. I think I’m trying to post things that look “finished” somehow. Have you noticed all these “drawings” are in pen? Yes,…

  • and links

    For those of you who miss me posting more links, like, you should check out to see what I’ve been looking at lately.

  • Leather Jacket Girl, 1989

    The hair is good. I liked doing drawings of girls back then. They all seemed to have the same or similar hair. Cropped close or slicked back on the sides, with a wild mane on top. Quick strokes in pen that were made expressively and fast. No editing. No pencil. I hated pencils back then….