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Abstract Composition, 1987 2005 Jun 27

A cartoony abstract.

There’s a dialogue between the two men — the abstract man front and center, and the seemingly skeptical man on the right hand side.

I was decidedly ambivalent about abstraction in my own work. It was enjoyable, but I wasn’t quite sure it was _relevant_ in any way to anything I was doing.

I love abstraction now, Leah‘s work is abstract, for example. Then, as now, I admire Pollock and Miró as well. That said, I also love some powerful realism as in Alex Grey, and of course the painters of the Renaissance.

The tension between these tastes is satisfied in my enjoyment of Salvador Dali, who was abstract, realistic, and surreal, in addition to having a ravenous taste for fame and media presentation.

What was I talking about? Oh, art.

That must be why I digressed.

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