this is the website of joe crawford. code. occasional comics. toy robots. san diego.
  • Estero Beach Wooden Fish, 1993

    From my journals. An illustration of a wooden fish I bought on the beach at Estero, in Baja California. We were staying at the cheap campground on the resort, waverunning and such. I haggled and got what seemed like a good price. I think I gave it away as a gift, but I honestly can’t…

  • Dwayne the Bear, 1990

    Another invented character. I like him, but he really does not have much of a personality beyond looking lanky and bemused. Great name though.

  • Dead Man, 1997

    In 1997, I was still working as a Respiratory Therapist. I was working at a hospital in downtown Los Angeles. So this is an image of a man I was going to be giving a treatment to. Instead, I discovered the man was not breathing, and was pulseless. He was dead. I don’t know how…