this is the website of joe crawford. code. occasional comics. toy robots. san diego.
  • Steampunk Anglo Warrior, 1990

    I like this one. Most of the work I’ve ever done with a science fiction feel was in a cyberpunk vein, but one of my favorite books was Difference Engine, (mentioned before in my book post)and the idea of alternate history is very compelling to me. I think what I was thinking of with this…

  • Smoldering Man, 1989

    This is a hard drawing to look at for me. It bespeaks pain. The man is on fire, or covered in smoke. It could be interpreted as anti-smoking, perhaps, as many in my family smoked and paid dear prices for it. The style is so fast, so confident, but not so much deliberate. It’s part…

  • Leah’s and My First Movie Date, October 2002

    Was our choice of movie the Universe’s way of providing some foreshadowing? The red stuff is the fancy coloured glue from a scrapbook.

  • IT Job Post of the Day

    Here’s something: Company Introduction: *** [redacted to protect the guity] is a fast-growing, dynamic company which views IT as a core competitive advantage. The Company is a ***. Job Description: *** is looking for a Web Developer with minimum 3 yrs. in web based applications development and support utilizing many of the key skills and…

  • Me at work, 2001

    Workaholic, thy name was Crawford. Still, I did get this out of the period where I always seemed to be at work, and on the webcam.