this is the website of joe crawford. code. occasional comics. toy robots. san diego.
  • The Weekend, You Say Part II

    Back in Oh, the Weekend You Say? I recounted going to Con with E. After that, E and I waited for her ride for quite a while. Man! Total and complete chaos in front of the convention center for Con. But it worked out and we both got picked up. Leah and I went north,…

  • Larry “Bud” Melman IS Roy Orbison, 1987

    Along the same lines as Dave’s Alarmed Look, this is Calvert Deforest as Larry “Bud” Mellman (sic) as Roy Orbison. Larry “Bud” is great. This is another quickie. So silly. Absurdist is absolutely the right word for the show that was Late Night with David Letterman. Please remember that this blog is only an exhibition,…

  • Color Style Guy, 1986

    Wild, colorful, out-of-character. Red Blue and Yellow only. My 16-year-old self was in a “primary colors” phase and was trying to stay focused on that. I don’t think it’s great, but it sure looks like I had fun, dripping goache on the page the whole way through. Pretty colors!

  • Brushy Shorthaired Girl, 1986

    Here’s that androgynous girl again. A minimal bit of brush and ink and there’s an image of a girl. This is an earlier incarnation of what became Leather Jacket Girl 1989. I like that a lot is conveyed with a very few strokes. With the space afforded by my big workbench back then, I was…