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  • Winged and Saddled Creature, 1986
    Another in a fantasy vein, but there’s a definite techno slant to the rider. Interesting, “fuzzy lined” piece. It’s sort of the opposite of what I was saying about wanting that precise line. The shaggy line affords a rendering that builds up with individual lines. Is that pointillism? I suppose it is.
  • I hate Microsoft Word 2002 for Windows
    It keeps telling me: “There are too many edits in the document. This operation will be incomplete. Save your work.” *I hate you*, Word.
  • Dragon, 1989
    This is a bit more polished. Notice the careful cross-hatching on the body of the dragon. There’s a literalness to this rendering that I quite like. I mentioned before that I never was much for sword and sorcery stuff., but dragons are fun to draw. The Wikipedia article for Dragon has some silly stuff in…