this is the website of joe crawford. code. occasional comics. toy robots. san diego.
  • Polka Dot Big Hair Girl, 1987

    Quick and dirty. The texture is an experiment of ink dabs onto a wash of water. Tinted in PhotoShop.

  • Alien Astronaut, 1988

    Nice design, not great in terms of color. This “Alien Astronaut” piece is kind of fun.

  • Demon Teen, 1986

    Made with the same marker as Girl With Flower Top, a nonetheless much darker image. Menacing, scary, aggressive. I wonder what would have happened if I could have gotten the melancholy and the aggression to work together. Then again, maybe I did. I did a lot of drawings of vampires when I was in my…

  • Girl with Flower Top, 1986, 2005

    I’ve always liked this drawing of mine, by my 16-year-old self. Just a marker on paper if I remember correctly. It’s definitely a drawing that was made with the aesthetic of “do it fast and do it now” — I think I may have been sad at the time given the melancholy of the pose….