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Squinty Big Hair Girl, 1988 & 20052005Aug05

Sometimes what I come across in my pile of drawings is a fragment, like this. I like the boldness of the line, the feel of the line (gotten from a heavy inked brush on a nicely textured watercolor paper). I dig it and it reminds me of a retro-1950’s style as seen in things like _PowerPuff Girls_, but the fact is, it’s lacking. It’s missing a whole chunk out of it? Why? I have no idea.

Squinty Big Hair Girl (fragment), 1988

The magic comes after scanning. Some copying and pasting of other elements, some stretching and bending of 18 year old strokes, and it can actually become what it was destined to be. Some colorization and tricky Photoshoppery and this fragment can actually become a complete illustration. I added a sort of veronica lake line over her face, that was a fragment from the left side of the hair stretched and doubled. I added an ear from a whisp of hair from the right side. The sweater lines are likewise from the hair. It almost looks intentional.

Squinty Big Hair Girl, 2005

It’s fun working with myself.

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