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  • Omega the Lazy Dog, 1987

    Related: Dog and Desk @ 2:30pm, 1987. Omega was the friendliest dog in the world. She did not really understand that we owned her. I guess it’s all a matter of perception. Many times we’d get phone calls from people saying “we have your dog, the kids love her” — we would go to the…

  • New Landline Pounced On!

    We just got a new landline and it turned on yesterday. And today, just now, we got our first telemarketing call. And I thought _spam_ was bad. *Update* _and 3 hours later, another one._ UGH!

  • Vampire Morning, 1985

    Ever have one of those days? I felt like this yesterday. I thought I was all suave, but I was actually exhausted and irritable and irascible and lots of other ir-starting words that mean _mean_. Today is a brand new day and I get to choose how to be. And I am rested, so I…