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  • Synchronicity & The West Wing

    Chicken suits on _Lost_ and _The West Wing_. Mentions of Grand Guignol on both robotwisdom and _The West Wing_. Ice cream in my hand and on _The West Wing_ within 10 minutes. If I were a tinfoil hat wearer I’d say that TWW were trying to send me a message over the past three days….

  • Lincoln Memorial, 1990 or so.

    I guess I’m making up for lost time. The Lincoln Memorial is by far my favorite place in Washington, D.C. I can’t not cry when I turn to the right and read Lincoln’s great words, his second inaugural address. This bit, among others, always slays me: The progress of our arms, upon which all else…

  • Go Read Brian Dear

    This wonderful set of posts deflates “Web 2.0 Hype™”, reinforces the awesomeness of those folks (like EVDB) who are working to remake the web to actually *use* these wonderful syndication tools and browser technologies to the fullest extent: Part I, Part II. _Backstory:_ I’ve actually met both Andy Baio (briefly) and Brian Dear (less briefly,…

  • Joker Joe 1991

    I’m a big fan of Halloween. In 1991 or so I won a costume college (I was either first or second place out of maybe 2 dozen or so health science students at CHRV College of Health Sciences). The other day I posted the “guts cake,” which I submit as evidence of liking Halloween. Funny…

  • Art*’s that Never Were

    The nicknames that never were (for me), from 2000. From the crew that hung out on AOL chatting trivia and whatnot. ArtViedersehn ArtMum ArtFess ArtNaturale ArtSafety ArtTip ArtDuck ArtJovi ArtPhile ArtDeco ArtHowl ArtLunar