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Rain & Varmints2005Oct18

It’s raining like a big dog out here.

Last night we had a flash flood of ants show up in the kitchen. Literally, one minute, no ants, and 10 minutes later they were making a beeline for the potted plants on the bartop above the sink.

Wait, can ants make a beeline?

Anyway, we dispatched the ants tout suite.

We keep getting eruptions of ants, for a while we had them coming up through the drain in the dishwasher! We poured vinegar down there, then later bleach, then more soap. Eventually they stopped. We’re pretty much sick of the ants. Though it could be worse — namely — mice or roaches. I suppose we’re lucky with regard to varmints.

But it’s raining again, I think it rained all night. It’s nice, though a bit chilly.

Busy lately. Not enough sleep. But things are pretty good. I should have news soon on some things. Not much news for now though.

For now, rain.

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