Married, moved, and getting it together.


For Leah.

wrote this Friday November 11th 2005 at 2:20am That was 16 years ago. 4 comments

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Leah’s 11/11 11:11 thing is kind of cool… Made me smile. 🙂

I have to ask, was the post title (hence the URL) on purpose? (… “11/11/1111/…”)? Either way it’s a nice tribute to her.

Yeah, the 11’s are on purpose, and I knew that the post slug would end up as 1111 when I made the title 11/11.

Leah rocks.

Didja know that November 11 is Fasching, the day Carnival Season begins in Germany?
…and according to my German roommate, men should not wear ties on this day, as women will snip them off… I wanted to have an 11.11 party, but my roommie is going to see the Rolling Stones tonite ;-( –Jenn

11/11/11—the date nov. 11th 2005, 2+0+0+5=7 + the 4 1’s (11/11)=11 hence 11/11/11

MOLECULAR MANIFESTATION people..gotta love it

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