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Loretta sent a letter from Bagdad today. (by Stew) 2005 Nov 11

New transcription: Bagdad Cafe:

Rage against coffee machines, go ahead
I’ll take that sweet black tea
And honey bread

Cause you know,
Sadness is so ****ing common
It’s not worth a song
So let’s sing of happy happy happy things
Happy things the whole night long

See the video at

Still eagerly anticipating a recording of Black Men Ski, which I have heard maybe three times now — the first time way back in 2004 at a show Leah and I attended in L.A. which we came to via Amtrak.

One line I remember from the song is:

“Black men order sushi with a stern Yakuza’s flair”

blogged this at 4:03pm in 2005 in November. The 11th was a Friday. You are reading this 15 years later. Comment. There is one comment Tweet. Send email. It has no hashtags.

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