Married, moved, and getting it together.

Happy Anniversary Baby 2005 Dec 21

Leah, Happy First Anniversary.

Can it possibly have been a year since we got married?

Wedding Balustrade

Leah, I love you. Thanks for helping me learn what a partner is and for helping me become a better man and being there as I go through the process of becoming.


blogged this at 12:01am in 2005 in December. The 21st was a Wednesday. You are reading this 14 years later. Comment. There are 4 comments Tweet. Send email. It has no hashtags.

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Congrats on that first year. Best wishes for many, many more.

Happy Anniversary you two! Like Chuck says, to many, many more.

Congratulations from a random internet stranger!

san diego friend

January 5, 2006 7:40pm

I like this web page. I like how it functions (interesting!) and its content is also fabulous! 😉 Congrats!!!!

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