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2006: 341 posts.

  • Random Long Drive Moments

    The eight hour drive takes, actually, 12 hours. “I have to go to the bathroom.” Listening to “Sonic Reducer” by The Dead Boys and some other punk obscura on a college radio station out of UC Riverside. Having a “middle-aged-man” moment and really admiring the luggage-rack bag on top of a random SUV. I thought…

  • Retrievr is Cool

    Here’s one of mine: Try it out at

  • Hapy Birthday Dev

    As of yesterday, I am officially the stepdad of a 17-year old. And I’m married to the mother of a 17-year old. It’s a little bit daunting, but really, it’s all good. Happy Birthday Devon!

  • The Wisdom Tooth Saga

    A long while ago, I had some dental issues that could only be resolved by having my wisdom teeth removed. I had a draft of it forever, here it is, for better or incoherent. I realized something was wrong in my mouth on a Tuesday. I was having persistent pain. It was not particularly sharp,…

  • Bruce Sterling Quote of the Day

    From A conversation with Bruce Sterling If you approach “reality” in a humble spirit of inquiry I think that Truth will unveil herself, whereas if you stomp around emitting gospel and drinking your own public-relations bathwater, you’re gonna come to grief, sooner or later.

  • Family @ Grandma’s in Utah

    Taken by Grandma

  • Why is there not a better shared calendar solution for families?

    Family Calendars? describes perfectly some of the problems Leah and I have come up with finding a good solution for shared calendars. Someone fix this now!

  • Happy Birthday LeahPeah!

    Today is the birthday of the fabulous and wonderful and thoughtful and loving and talented and incidentally-my-wife and many-other-things-too Leah… HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEAH ! ! !

  • Once again, upgraded WordPress. To 2.0.

    Seamless and WYSIWYG. Some neat AJAXiness in it too. Well, the bold and italic work great, anyway.

  • The Impeachment of George W. Bush

    Troubling essay: The Impeachment of George W. Bush Like many others, I have been deeply troubled by Bush’s breathtaking scorn for our international treaty obligations under the United Nations Charter and the Geneva Conventions. I have also been disturbed by the torture scandals and the violations of US criminal laws at the highest levels of…

  • One World Cafe, SLC

    Leah and I ate at One World Cafe (( 41 S. 300 East; Salt Lake City, Utah 84103)) in Salt Lake City with Alison and her boyfriend last month. It was great! Read about it here: In a World of Its Own: Salt Lake City’s One World Cafe breaks two of the most fundamental rules…

  • Upgrades to Other Blogs

    As part of my work with WordPress I upgraded a few other blogs without hitches: and San Diego Blog most notably, but also Leah‘s too. With each revision I grow more impressed with WordPress as a platform. It’s matured considerably since I started using the original b2 with San Diego Blog back in May…

  • Are you a Respiratory Therapist? Do you blog?

    Get over to now!

  • “My advice to * is”

    So I was reading Oso’s latest entry: Advice to Oso From The World, well, actually, I saw the headline in my gmail “web snippets” – the low budget RSS reader build into gmail and I presumed I knew what it would be about, thinking it would be one of those web services things where you…

  • 3-D Class at Moorpark College

    …bearing fruit in the form of a pseudo-lego model. My first 3-D model. Done in Maxon’s Cinema 4D.

  • Speaking of Truth

    Dude, my wife has gallonfuls of it, where it’s revealed that, yes, I’m in her book, but at the end, where things are getting better. But strictly speaking, I don’t know anyone in the world more dedicated to the truth and living an authentic life than my wife Leah. She asked if it was cool…

  • Things I Did Not Know, But Now Do.

    Diabetics may soon get to inhale their insulin. John Prine has a great song called “Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You Into Heaven Anymore” via it has a great chorus: But your flag decal won’t get you Into Heaven any more. They’re already overcrowded From your dirty little war. Now Jesus don’t like killin’…

  • Google in China, Filtered. The Explanation.

    Google explains itself on China. Google in China Filtering our search results clearly compromises our mission. Failing to offer Google search at all to a fifth of the world’s population, however, does so far more severely. Whether our critics agree with our decision or not, due to the severe quality problems faced by users trying…

  • Nice picture, eh?

    The Mirror Project | Joe Crawford | Joe in LeahPeah’s Glasses


    world, meet olivia rex. (developing). Update: you can listen to her songs!

  • Fuzzy Wuzzy

    taken by lp

  • The Incapability of Speaking

    Lazy Sunday morning. Pretty day so far. Everyone asleep for now. Saw the boy’s basketball game yesterday — not a win, a little disappointing. We need to put up the hoop we got on Freecycle. So. Last night Leah, Alison and I went to see Brokeback Mountain. I did not know what expect. I think…

  • Some Updated Things

    My TypeKey page was updated: LiveJournal has changed how they do their urls, so they are all Thus: not, of course, that I really hang out over there. is getting comment spam! That was pretty fast. Luckily Spam Karma 2 protects it! There’s more lung-y news out there than I ever…

  • Today’s Loving Each Day

    Leah sent me this, it’s a daily email from Loving Each Day: The vision of togetherness is only possible if two people are willing to deal with it, honestly and without ego. – John-Roger (From: Relationships: Love, Marriage and Spirit, p. 57) Not an easy goal. A lot of them are sort of mushy, but…

  • Eclipse Rocks. Eclipse is an open source community whose projects are focused on providing an extensible development platform and application frameworks for building software.

  • 3D Model, Evolved.

    Cinema 4D rocks.

  • Dude, Where’s My Fiber?

    or, “I coulda had 45 Mbps to my home!” Good Morning Silicon Valley: We thought you said spend the $200 billion on “dark fiber” …during the buildup to the 1996 Telecommunications Reform Act, the major U.S. telcos promised to deliver fiber to 86 million households by 2006 (we’re talking about fiber to the home, here)….

  • Taking The Fun Out Of Rock

    …I always thought this would make a terrific band name. Suggest/see others.  via robotwisdom.

  • 3-D and Me

    About 10 years ago I dreamed of working in Hollywood. I wanted to direct, of course, but what really fascinated me was postproduction – particularly editing. But also, I loved animation, which meant that I also was fascinated by 3-D animation. I had first encounted computer animation in about 1986 at the La Jolla Museum…

  • I know nothing

    It seems like the more I learn, the more I realize I know nothing at all. I’m feeling humility today and yesterday and the day before. Humility before a higher power is how I think of it. It reminds me of 12-Step programs, one of which I got involved with a few years ago. Humility…

  • Improved.

    New day, new dawn, new adventures. It’s a good day. Beautiful.

  • 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

    From today. I, apparently need God. Whether there is one or not, I need a label for a higher power. For the unknown. Not black cats and superstition. But for the things in this world which cannot be easily explained. And when I say need, I mean need. I am a Catholic Agnostic, but there…

  • Tao Te Ching and Ork Philosophers

    In a comment, Geoff Young pointed to this: Chapter 71 of the Tao Te Ching… Tao Te Ching – Lao Tzu – chapter 71 Knowing ignorance is strength. Ignoring knowledge is sickness. If one is sick of sickness, then one is not sick. The sage is not sick because he is sick of sickness. Therefore…

  • It’s the middle bits.

    It’s not the initial bits of recovery that are the hard bits… it’s the middle bits that are the hardest. Doing the hard thing, is hard.

  • Recovery

    Autobiography in Five Short Chaptersby Portia Nelson I. I walk down the street. There’s a deep hole in the sidewalk. I fall in. I am lost…..I am helpless; it isn’t my fault. It takes forever to find a way out. II. I walk down the same street. There is a deep hole in the sidewalk….

  • Change

    Revolutionary change requires change from within. Affirmation/Mantra for the day: I am capable of changing.

  • Affirmation of the Day

    Just for today I will respect my own and others’ boundaries.

  • I took the Oath

    TUT’s Adventurers Club – Take the Oath and Receive the Notes! In the face of adversity, uncertainty and conflicting sensory information, I hereby pledge to remain ever mindful of the magical, infinite, loving reality I live in. A reality that conspires tirelessly in my favor. I further recognize, that living within space and time, as…

  • Memo to myself.

    Address your needs: Emotional Spiritual Intellectual Physical And be a beacon to the greater glory of God. My cynical 20 and 30-something self, who, upon seeing person after person suffer and die in hospitals, scoffs at the above statement. Heck, I’ve just recently been able to say “God” and capitalize it and everything. I had…

  • Racquetball / Confession / Marriage

    I am bringing, moving, pushing my actions (which have been slack) to match my passion and love for Leah, and for our partnership.

  • Note From the Universe

    I dig this one. Perfect timing. Wherever a new disagreement emerges, Joe, so does new hope for enlightenment, on both sides of the fence. Oh joy, The Universe

  • Redemption Song

    It’s a brand new day. I have riches untold. I am blessed. Leah’s is in San Diego now, visiting our friend Mickele. I let my folks know what’s up with me, and Leah, and the Church. They’re more supportive than I ever would have thought. And yet I find myself unsurprised. I love them. Tomorrow…

  • Rainy Again

    The rain’s back. Sounds really nice on the roof. Lovely, really. Redemption comes in waves? Life is a wheel? Good times and bad? minus and plus? Balance. Seek balance. I seek balance. Currently watching: Danny Deck Chair And getting some work done too. Texted Leah. I hope her weather in San Diego is exactly what…

  • Loving Each Day

    Leah sent me this today. Loving Each Day If we’re upset and confused, we’re going to force our upset and confusion on somebody else. If two people are married and one has an emotional hang-up, that person may cause the other one emotional confusion, and then the marriage will be crippled. The existence will be…

  • Lyrics of the Day

    I’d like to rest my heavy head tonight On a bed of California stars I’d like to lay my weary bones tonight On a bed of California stars I’d love to feel Your hand touching mine And tell me why I must keep working on Yes I’d give my life To lay my head tonight…

  • Nice well wish from the cyber-aether.

    “Struggle onward, bubba. I’m rooting for you.” Thanks Tom! Likewise.

  • Frosty

    There was frost on the ground this morning here in Simi Valley. Must be weather in honor of President’s Day. The frost crunched underfoot as I took the trash cans out. Beautiful bright day now!

  • Cartoons are only pictures. Pictures have power.

    Two cartoonists weigh in on the Danish cartoon controversy. Only Pictures? SPIEGELMAN: I have spent a lot of time soul searching and still come out on the same side of the equation. If there’s a right to make cartoons, there has to be a right to insult, and if there’s no right to make cartoons,…

  • ManKind Project: Question

    Dear Internet, What can you tell me about the ManKind Project? Can you recommend any Men’s spiritual retreats? Thanks, Joe

  • Truth via Humor

    Leah makes lemonade from the bitter lemony harvest of ants that have been quietly haunting us for a few weeks. I was impolite to her today. Curt. Short. Not cool, Joe. Not cool. Cool your Jets Boy! It’s not easy being green. Not easy to juggle priorities and be a grown up. It would be…

  • Terms

    Separation Song of Solomon Rick Driving Counselor Racquetball Lent Couch Sunshine ManKind Tools Wailed On Walk Over Honesty Commitment Contract A Deal’s A Deal Basketball Standard Volvo Shower Orange Crush Honesty (reprise) Love Class Intention Deadline Integrity

  • My Wife Is Beautiful

    Learning to play the guitar here. I find her extremely beautiful, inside and out. And look at that focus!

  • Stew and Stanford and Passing Strange

    I’d love to see this. Given it’s in Palo Alto up by Stanford, seems like a longshot. We’ll see how well we get things together: Stanford Institute for Creativity and the Arts | Stew Stew’s new musical, Passing Strange, is a work in progress that will be developed and performed at Stanford. The piece employs…

  • Word of the Day

    Well, it’s an old one, actually: Scrabble® Score is: 17 Made here.

  • Advice To Myself For The Day

    (actually, yesterday now) Lead With Your Chin. definition Be gutsy. Be truthful. Be loving. Be authentic. Be love. Be real. Be risky. Be honest. Be spiritual. Be dogged. Be respectful. Be open. Be yourself. Yo homes, ONWARD.

  • Quote of the Day

    “Do one thing every day that scares you.” attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt. and Tom Peters quoted her too. also, Scared straight – ‘Do one thing every day that scares you’ forwarded to me by Leah.

  • State of the Union

    Los fotos de la familia Crawfords Gate Peterson Roberts

  • Word of the Day


  • Question of the Day

    Overheard by someone else, but a necessary koan nonetheless: If I can’t trust your ‘no,’ how can I trust your ‘yes’ ? The concern this day is constancy. Of doing the right thing, for the right reasons, without trying to “sell” “win over” “impress” or otherwise manipulate another person. I do that, it’s not a…

  • Mathowie on “Myutterconfusionspace”

    Matt made me laff when he said: Next time I see Clay Shirky, I want a hug and a story of how it all makes sense somehow. Speaking of which, I miss Clay’s writings. Nothing new, no new newsletters or essays in a long time. Maybe he really is sitting on the mountaintop somewhere, explaining…

  • Catholic Mormon Podcast

    I’m not quite sure what to make of something called a Catholic Mormon Podcast. “Hey you got your Mormon in my Catholic!” “Hey, your Catholic got into my Mormon!” Two great tastes that go great together! … It sure is a big internet.

  • Fat Tuesday, Gird Loins, Wabi-sabi

    Yo. So Mass today was good. The homily was about Grace. Grace as in that “hand of God,” possibly last seen inspiring Jules Winfield in Pulp Fiction. Or maybe dropping down and bopping me on the head to go to Mass on the morning after Leah announced that we should be separated. I was comforted….

  • Launches / The View just launched. Rory Cohen will be on the TV show The View tomorrow (March 2nd, 2006) with her transgendered son, Tye, of Hope you all check out the sites and check out the show! These are all productions, and we’re pretty proud of them.

  • Blogging for Business Article in Ventura County Star Features Leah, Crawberts, and I

    Not a bad article. Requires free registration on the VenturaCountyStar website. Ventura County Star: Business: Business blogging is blooming That happened to Leah Peterson of Simi Valley, who posts interviews with other bloggers as a feature on her personal site. One of the bloggers, who has a lot of traffic on his site, linked to…

  • The Gas We Pass

    Sunday morning Tyler and I, and then Leah, and Tony, were drawn into a discussion of farts, and whether they were the product of Satan, or God. It was a pretty good discussion which turned out to have general agreement that farts are not generally good or evil — they are of us and our…

  • W. H. Auden Quotes

    The First: It is… axiomatic that we should all think of ourselves as being more sensitive than other people because, when we are insensitive in our dealings with others, we cannot be aware of it at the time: conscious insensitivity is a self-contradiction. — W. H. Auden The Second: Like everything which is not the…

  • Watchword of the Day

    From Loving Each Day: Remember that your state of mind, the way you feel about yourself, powerfully contributes or not to your well being depending on whether your attitude is uplifting or not.

  • Quote of the Day

    Apropos of life: From Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address: With high hope for the future, no prediction in regard to it is ventured.

  • Religions of Comic Book Characters

    This geeky page merges two of my interests: religion and comics. There are indeed some Catholics in here: Religion of Comic Book Characters This page focuses on fictional comic book characters — mostly from Marvel and DC — who are adherents of real-world (not purely fictional) religions. We want this page to be as accurate…

  • Media Mention of Me

    In Kelly Abbott’s  article on iMedia Connection: Maven-Mapping for Fun & Profits

  • Barkman Launch!

    Hey, I forgot to mention that last week Crawberts launched a new site for Barkman! — it’s at . I think it’s a nice piece of work. And Barky even . Yup, we do that, we install blogs for people.

  • V for Victory

    So back in july I posted Steampunk Anglo Warrior, 1990, and I mentioned V for Vendetta, getting lots of press for being a rabble rousing movie. I was perusing my giant list-o-feeds from the San Diego Bloggers site which pointed me to this post and which in turn pointed me to this Interview with Alan…

  • Bauhaus 3D Model

    I told you before I was taking a class in 3D graphics and animation. Here’s a render of my most elaborate model to date. I’m proud of it. I learned a great deal on it, trying to get some organic, elegant forms working. The basis of the model was this: Each member of the class…

  • I am 36.

    Whoa. Today I am 36 years old. It’s a beautiful day, and everything is new!

  • On the writeboard up in the bedroom this morning

    “This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it” Which sounds a little bit like the sentiment here. I like saying “Onward” — but I think my new thing to say is “Everything is new.” Or maybe there’s lots of different things to say. Yeah, that sounds…

  • Word of the Day: Ganzfeld

    Ganzfeld experiment The ganzfeld (“total field”) experiment uses audio and visual sensory deprivation to test for extra-sensory perception (ESP). There are claims that this experiment yields results that deviate significantly from randomness, and represent some of the strongest experimental evidence for psi phenomena to date. As with all purported psi phenomena, these claims are highly…

  • Whiteboards

    There are two whiteboards in my living room. One is full of notes for a project in development. It rained like crazy today. Lots of work being done, and lots of work to do. Pondering artistic outlets today. I’m thinking about my dish-doing as an indicator of the lack of resentment and passive-aggression, and I…

  • History Projects

    Read my lovely wife Leah on History Day, featuring Tyler and friends, and some generalizations about girls and boys and projects involving glue guns, styrofoam, and posterboard. Sho’ ’nuff.

  • We’ll be speaking at MacGathering in May 2006

    Leah and I will be speaking about websites at MacGathering — here’s the instructors.

  • We’re not bad looking at all

    In fact, we’re cute as heck in that one. Photo by the inimitable Leah.

  • Anniversary of The April Fool

    On the April Fool’s after my eighteenth birthday, I got caught being a fool. So that was 1988. That’s 18 years again since the event. So I’m twice as old now as I was then. Maybe twice as wise. Maybe even 18 times as wise. Part of living an authentic life is being able to…

  • Olivia Rex with some new songs

    Hey you kid! Want to hear some tasty new tracks from Olivia Rex? Get on over to:Olivia Rex: Listen now to hear the scoop. She‘s seriously awesome. You should hear her live!

  • Did you forget brother?

    Every DAY is new! Always hope. Always.

  • Michael The Archangel

    This morning I went to an early Mass at a Church with which I was previously unfamiliar. It was held in a small chapel. Very nice. But at the end, there were several prayers with which I was unfamiliar. The one that stood out to me is this one: Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel:…

  • Word of the day: psychopomp

    Many sets of religious beliefs have a particular spirit, deity, demon or angel whose responsibility is to escort newly-deceased souls to the afterlife, such as Heaven or Hell. These creatures are called psychopomps, from the Greek word psuchopompos, literally meaning the “guide of souls”. Psychopomp

  • Best Web Code Comment Ever

    This applies to HTML, JavaScript, and CSS equally well. Concerned about someone being able to see your code? Get over it. Minification v Obfuscation » Yahoo! User Interface Blog Then finally, there is that question of code privacy. This is a lost cause. There is no transformation that will keep a determined hacker from understanding…

  • Items of Note, and a Photograph

    I’m terrifically busy right now work-wise. Waiting on some answers on some big potential clients. Money = tight San Diego Blog is taking ads more directly now. Buy one! Thanks to JeSais, you can buy San Diego Blog T-Shirts here, and you can also buy Mugs! Palm Sunday mass 2 days ago was pretty awesome….

  • 14 Hours of Driving

    Dead tired, dude. But not too dead tired to check some email and do some work. Utah is lovely. Wedding for Alison on Saturday. Wotta day.

  • Back. Tired.

    Back from our trip. Tired. Getting back in the swing of things. Good morning y’all!

  • Posts That Might Be

    coming this week I hope: Zion (a good question) Hiding Eggs The Extra Bone Bet Carrying Dirt Is For The Young Cherry Blossoms Ingrown Toenail Tyler’s Red Vomit

  • James Leland: Photos For Sale

    A fellow 3ones member, James Leland, photographer and artist, has been having some serious troubles this past year. From his website, The other day I got an e-mail from a friend about a rent party for a charity group he was affiliated with. My first inclination was to help him, but instantly it hit…

  • Zion (a good question)

    On the drive from Mount Pleasant to Kanab, we drove the 89 south. We passed several signs that mentioned “Zion” in one form or another. Zion National Park is not too far away, and many businesses are named for Zion in one name or another. Tyler, sitting in the front seat, and recuperating from his…

  • Hiding Eggs

    Leah was not feeling real hot, so on Easter it fell to me to hide the eggs in Grandma & Grandpa’s backyard. Tyler could not get in on it, he was feeling too ill to compete. If you know Tyler, you know that that indicates he was really really sick. The boy has competitive spirit…

  • The Extra Bone Bet

    So this little anecdote is not from the trip to Utah, it’s from the weekend before, after the boys’ track meet. The boys were explaining to me that black kids are faster because there’s an extra bone in their ankles. Inside my skull, a million angry neurons fired as I tried to think of the…

  • Carrying Dirt Is For The Young

    Say that my mother-in-law brings dirt, in large boxes, to one of her daughters. These are heavy boxes, very heavy boxes like the ones reams of paper come in. Filled with moist earth intended for gardening. There are three boxes. Young men, two grandsons carry two of them. The third box is carried by two…

  • Cherry Blossoms

    Driving south on Route 89 in Utah, specifically through the small towns, I noticed that many of the houses right on 89 had pretty cherry blosson trees in their front yards. They were pink and bright in the lovely sunshine on Easter morning. For some reason I really liked seeing that adornment. Later we talked…

  • Ingrown Toenail

    Yeah, horrible. I have one again. It’s been a few years. I cut my right toenail too short, then I pushed a gas pedal for 14 hours. This is a terrible state of affairs. Must. Soak. Feet. (See also: Posts That Might Be)

  • Tyler’s Red Vomit

    Rolling down the 89, we’re suddenly in a teeny town, doing 35, mindful of the possibility that the local constable might want to give us and our California license-plated van a ticket, when suddenly we see this: Which reminded everyone of the scavenger hunt game we had played looking for “farm equipment on a pillar”…

  • “ego”

    I love that when flickr makes its’ 75 pixel by 75 pixel thumbnail of the San Diego Blog logo, the only letters showing are “ego.” To wit:

  • Word Terms of the Day

    Two terms that are sort of fascinating the sort of odd, and which I thought were more widely distributed, and which I really like, are: “word finding” and “word salad:” Word salad: In the mental health field, word salad (originally from the German Wortsalat) is used to describe the symptom of confused, and often repetitious,…

  • Photo from the Egghunt

    Previously: Hiding Eggs 

  • Not a great knight

    Was up all night working, not a great night. Sometimes it’s really hard to believe that each day is a new day.

  • JavaScript trim() function

    it’s hokey, but it’s a nice basis for some other things. why didn’t i go looking for this last night when i was slamming my head against stupid code? ugh. function trim(str) { while(”+str.charAt(0)==’ ‘) { str=str.substring(1,str.length); } while(”+str.charAt(str.length-1)==’ ‘) { str=str.substring(0,str.length-1); } return str; }

  • “Click to activate and use this control”

    Yuck. This is the latest in a series of failures in the last 24 hours. Eolas and Microsoft are cheesing me off this afternoon.

  • Agenda

    Track meet, some work, chilling. The day is a little somber. Theme: atonement. They say time heals all wounds. I have trust that that is so.  Though I can scarcely believe it at the moment. Affirmations, don’t fail me now! I need a haircut, too. Self-serve, or splurge on the real thing? Decisions, decisions.

  • Running On Empty

    One of my favorite movies is Running on Empty. I don’t remember the first time I saw it, but it never fails to move me. It’s about a couple who are 15 years on from a bombing of a napalm factory. They’re on the run, wanted as terrorists. The wrinkle is that they have two…

  • 12:12

    Overcast today. Good day though. On the agenda: work. On the head: uncut hair. On my mind: serenity.

  • Semicolon’s Dream Journal

    Sometimes people think your stuff is cool. And somehow, an old illustration of mine inspired a blog post by the enigmatic Craig Conley. Check it out! Abecedarian Web Log: Semicolon’s Dream Journal I feel honored! And looking at the illustration, which I think was drawn in maybe 1990 or so, I actually still quite like…

  • Leahpeah featured on BlogHer Blog

    Pretty cool : Leahpeah: Intrepid Internet Interviewer BlogHer mission is: to create opportunities for women bloggers to pursue exposure, education, and community.

  • Comment is free: The birth of ambient

    Brian Eno on how he came to create ambient music, which has since evolved into what we think of as electronica. Brian Eno is an inspiration to me. Comment is free: The birth of ambient So I started thinking about music as something functional… that existed as part of the design of your life. Just…

  • Moorpark Youth Football (Moorpark Packers)

    Moorpark Packers: Moorpark Youth Football: has been updated. There was recently some clarification about the formation of Moorpark Youth Football.

  • Congruency

    12 year old boys are to World of Warcraft as 15 year old girls are to MySpace MySpace can be thought of as a massively multiplayer game, and World of Warcraft can be thought of as social networking tool. Either way you slice it: demented and sad, but social. Well, since popular kids use either,…

  • Zzzzzzzzz

    I think that these do not work for me. Bummer. sorry lpc.

  • Matt Groening Interview

    I really enjoyed this Matt Groening interview. More or less for Sassy. I’ve been enjoying Matt G’s work since I was about 15 years old, with the original Life In Hell comic strips which were syndicated to the San Diego Reader. I saw him speak at the old San Diego Civic Theater which is in…

  • Lyrics of the Day

    Sparks : Pulling Rabbits Out Of A Hat (1984): Pretending to be Drunk That is what I had intended, pretending to be drunk A little change in character, pretending to be drunk You think I am weak and feeble You think I’m a bore When you drag me to a party Soon I’m out the…

  • God Box

    God Box God’s Boxes I have in my hands two boxes Which God gave me to hold. He said, “Put all your sorrows in the black box, And all your joys in the gold.” I heeded His words, and in the two boxes Both my joys and sorrows I stored. But though the gold became…

  • Toenail Update

    I actually cannot tell anymore that I had an ingrown toenail. I think it’s was a lot of sandal-wearing, and a few days of soaking, along with some massaging of the area to relieve pressure on the toe and nail. Feeling: thankful.

  • MySpace for Catholics?

    O Click All Ye Faithful: The nun who launched the Vatican’s Web site is at work on a MySpace for Catholics via robotwisdom 

  • Simi Valley Apple Store

    Leah and I (and Alex and a friend bff of hers) were at the Simi Valley mall this weekend, and one of the storefronts was an “under construction” Apple Store. We actually have one in Thousand Oaks, maybe 15 minutes away, at another mall, but it’s neat to see one coming for Simi.

  • updated.

    ColdFusion TitleCase Function was updated with the addition of U.S. state abbreviations, via a reader submission.

  • Davis Davis Architects of San Diego

    We’ve done some web updates to the site for Davis Davis Architects in San Diego. They had almost no alt attributes before we worked on the site, and now they’re loaded up. They do some great architecture.

  • was updated.

    Yes it was. Nifty giant head background!

  • For Leah

    I kept telling her today that she might like to watch the new Mac ads. Here they are!

  • Our Big Screen Future

    And here it is: Minority Report Screen at ORD – Gizmodo

  • Affirmations of the Day

    Affirmations of the day: Just for today I will be vulnerable with someone I trust. I am a child of God and I deserve love, peace, prosperity, and serenity. Just for today I will act in a way that I would admire in someone else.

  • We Mashed Locusts And Made Bread

    “It helps to have a friend going through the same” “I’ll be your other” “Join us for Mancala Hour!”

  • My God, They’re Full of Meat

    They’re Made Out of Meat by Terry Bisson “Omigod. Singing meat. This is altogether too much. So what do you advise?”

  • Flash EOLAS Fix – Fixing the Flash/Embed Issue: This script worked on a project that may actually launch sometime soon. See also: “Click to activate and use this control” I kinda like Flash. I kinda dislike it too. Like all programming environments and languages, it sucks, but can also do cool stuff.

  • Embarassment of Riches

    So today I got two offers or employment — well, specific interest in me for jobs for which I’m quite qualified. The first was a job in Respiratory Therapy in San Diego. The problem? I no longer live there, and I no longer do that. And yes, the offerer had been to see my resume…

  • New Dawn Fades

    A new day, again. Lessons and centering and learning.

  • Changes-a-coming to Flickr

    Leah and I use Flickr quite a bit — in this post to FlickrBlog they indicate several changes that sound pretty great. I’m looking forward to seeing them roll out. I particularly am looking forward to improved search capabilities. via waxy 

  • New Look For The Blog

    Out with the green, and in with the new:

  • Lyrics of the Day

    Like a Prayer: Madonna Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone I hear you call my name And it feels like home When you call my name it’s like a little prayer I’m down on my knees, I wanna take you there In the midnight hour I can feel your power Just like a…

  • MySpace Layout Tweaked

    based on Hacking MySpace Layouts. And yes, I have a MySpace.

  • New

    All is full of love.

  • Apple Store Simi Valley: Opens Saturday!

    Nifty: Apple Store – Simi Valley Grand Opening May 13 I noticed it just 9 days ago, and here it is opening up in two! Kewl.

  • “Creating the Winning Feeling”

    Quote of the day: Everyone wants to feel like a winner. And feeling like a winner requires that you win. You get a feeling of the winner by completing a task 100 percent. When you do this repeatedly, eventually you develop a habit of completing the tasks that you begin. When this habit of task…

  • I actually only have 6 keys on my keyring, but…

    So the contents of my keys and wallet were the subject of today’s brilliantly funny slice-of-life post over at leahpeah: I Don’t Want One wherein she says: and I continue to drive Joe a little crazy because he is the kind of guy that has had the same 3 club cards for over 5 years…

  • Happy Mother’s Day

    For Leah especially, and for my Mom and Mother-in-Law, and all Moms in the world Happy Mother’s Day!

  • 2411th Post.

    I’m sort of between things just this second. Doing lots of work psychologically and spiritually. It’s really hard work. Lots of other stuff going on, but I’m not going to talk about them just now. Hard work, but rewarding work. Affirmation of the day: The pain that I might feel by remembering can’t be any…

  • Love Will Tear Us Apart

    My Old Kentucky Blog: Love Will Tear Us Apart Covers One of my favorite songs, ever. All about exultant depressed bittersweetness. via

  • Easy Things First

    Sometimes the only thing that feels possible is to do the easy thing first. Small task completion is so much more satisfying than working on big tasks that take lots of time and never seem to be finished. But then if all you ever work on are small tasks, big tasks will never ever get…

  • May Rain

    It’s raining this morning here in Simi Valley. Nice somber rain, perfect for a mellow day like today. On the agenda is some work, and some other things too. It’ll be another busy week of learning and life. My favorite color is green.

  • MacGathering Website Seminar Uploaded

    Internet Archive: Details: Elements Of A Successful Website: Joe Crawford: MacGathering I myself have not yet listened to it, but there it is, in all its imperfect glory. It’s not through any great foresight that I have a recording of it, rather, Chris Glenn of Christopher Glenn Photography managed to record it and send it…

  • Iraqi Insurgency, Open Source, and the Bazaar

    This article reminds me very much of The Lawrence Doctrine and Postindustrial Insurgency, from Islands in the Net: Global Guerrillas: THE BAZAAR’S OPEN SOURCE PLATFORM The decentralized, and seemingly chaotic guerrilla war in Iraq demonstrates a pattern that will likely serve as a model for next generation terrorists. This pattern shows a level of learning,…

  • WWZD?

    Question of the day: What would Zappa do?

  • Sponsor

    Acquired. Progress indeed. Slog, perservere. Pray for the courage to act in a way I would admire in others.

  • mr. crawford, in the car, with the gum…

    a little ragged and tired. proj on!

  • Google Pentecost

    A Google logo you won’t see: The Google logo is of course a trademark of Google.

  • Lyrics of the Day; Movie Quote of the Day

    well, I keep on thinkin’ ’bout you, sister golden hair surprise and I just can’t live without you, can’t you see it in my eyes? i’ve been one poor correspondent, and i’ve been too, too hard to find but it doesn’t mean you ain’t been on my mind It’s a beautiful day. The chance to…

  • My stepson is envious of my multilingual spam.

    The other day Devon was looking over my shoulder at my email and saw an email with a subject line that was made of Chinese ideograms. He exclaimed: “That’s so cool!” I sighed and said, that’s spam, Dev. Devon said: “I don’t care, that’s so cool! I want Chinese spam!” I said to him, “uh……


    My experience has been essentially the same as Rafe Colburn’s: Vox: day one after using the invitation I got my first surprise — when you sign up for Vox, you don’t start out with all of the toys that everybody else has. You are initially inducted at Starter level. What’s that mean? I’m at…

  • Wed. Nes. Day.

    This day is spelled ridiculously. Or maybe beautifully. Brand new day. Kick butt. Changes on the work front on the horizon. Stay tuned.

  • Simi Power Outage

    Last night around 9:45pm the power went out. Didn’t come back on until about 12:30am. Then we went to bed. We occupied ourselves with non-electricity related activities. Well, actually, Leah drafted her bio for the BlogHer conference and we talked and stuff. It was kind of a nice mellow night. I did a kind of…

  • followup

    i now have a standard account, which means i can post posts. artlung’s blog (this is a followup)

  • Me, June 2006

    by Leah. The goatee is back this month.

  • BarCamp Los Angeles Geek Dinner

    Leah, Devon and I went to BarCamp / BarCampLA-Geek2 last night. It was pretty great. Social and nerdy, and good food at Mao’s Kitchen. Dev was too young to make it into The Brig, but he was mixing it up at Mao’s. Good group of people, and we’ll be returning to such events in the…

  • Simmering

    I’m simmering a post right now about work, religion, radical activism, Catholicism, the Stations of the Cross, Liberation Theology, movies, Robert McNamara, fog, war, violence, human nature, documentaries, art, truth, and the world. Of course, this is a short post, so you’ll have to make do with an extremely beautiful photograph of my wife Leah.

  • Jason Scott Interview with LeahPeah

    leahpeah » Jason Scott I’m a big fan myself of Jason via the BBS Documentary. Leah gets some great interviews, indeed!

  • Fictional Penguins & Free Will

    I have decided my new favorite characters in film are the penguins from the movie Madagascar. I didn’t see that in the theatres, but I remember seeing a Christmas short with them in it and really enjoying it. I love the four way interaction of the characters: Skipper (also, “Joe”?), Kowalski, Private, and Rico. It’s…

  • Affirmation of the Day

    “Just for today I will act in a way I would admire in someone else.”

  • Noam Chomsky @ West Point

    Awesome video. I like hearing Noam speak. He may not be easy to agree with, but he knows how to formulate an argument and provide evidence, as opposed to mere bloviating. I read about this appearance on Red State Son: You’d think that when someone like Noam Chomsky speaks to West Point cadets about US…

  • Ask San Diego Blog

    If you are in San Diego, or just like San Diego, read this thread, and if there’s something cool that’s been missed, leave a comment too! Ask San Diego Blog!

  • Ché the Cat 1997-2006

    I got word this afternoon from my ex-wife Jennifer that Che, our cat, died. He was about 10 years old. His spleen was enlarged and he went into shock, then there was nothing that could be done for him. Sad. This is a sad sad thing. He was a good boy, a good cat, and…

  • Blade Runner Sketchbook for sale or for auction. Other News.

    I’m fixing to sell my copy of ultra-rare copy of the Blade Runner Sketchbook.Pictures will be online sometime in the near future. Interested? Leave a comment with your email and I’ll get back with you. I’ve seen the book online for up to $950. Serious inquiries only. (in other news: thanks for the condolences, everyone….

  • Affirmation of the Day

    I am endowed by my creator by the inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. .

  • Web Search EKG

    I like these. It’s like reading an EKG or the waveforms from a ventilator. But for web seaches over time. Different Types of Google Trends via robotwisdom

  • Mexican Flags Make Some People Crazy

    What the heck is up with that? Confused? See: San Diego Blog: Del Mar Fair

  • Swing It Baby!!!

    Hey dude, as usual when I don’t post much, there’s a bunch to say. But suffice to say, things are looking up. Life is good. Difficult in the margins, but the main score swings like Sinatra, baby. Swing on!

  • Bitmasks

    I’m doing work with bitmasks these days, working on system maintenance on a web application I had nothing to do with building. One of the things it does is use Bitmasks to keep track of some customer data states. I’m not sure I like it, but I can’t deny that it’s a way to preserve…

  • Sign of the cross

    You might find this interesting reading:  Sign of the cross

  • Cool San Diego Stuff

    Check out this San Diego Blog thread for it.

  • Developing…

    You know how Matt Drudge always posts his crap and rumors and when they’re half-baked or haven’t even hit the oven he ends them with “DEVELOPING…” That’s how things are right now. Percolating. Toasting. Bubbling. Whatever developing metaphor you can think of, it’s that. I know it’s not satisfying for me to post music lyrics,…

  • May We See Your Photos Please?

    CityWalk Kids Trix Pix

  • StepK x 4

    Tony, Dev, Al, Ty They’re really great. photo by lp

  • Overdrawn at the Memory Bank

    In 2002 I wrote, in House-Sitting and Other Things (Long): I’m trying to get my head screwed on straight. Quite a challenge these days, as I really feel like I don’t know what I’m doing. It’s been a heckuva year so far. I hope so much that things settle down soon, but I think the…

  • Great San Diego Real Estate Post

    Check it out on San Diego Blog :: My Real Estate Obsession Excellent thoughts all ’round. Civil, passionate, informed discourse. Rock!

  • Sassy Sassburton gets new blog software, and flickr too!

    So my friend and colleague Sassy had his blog down for some weeks, his homebrew stuff wasn’t makin’ it. So he has new wordpress and even a flickr account! Now he’ll have some RSS that works. Though I haven’t read my feeds in forever, maybe when I do, I can read him that way. Welcome to…

  • Busy + Hot

    I’m busy, and I’m hot. This is my lunch hour. I’m in Ojai. That is all. Pax + Luv.

  • Crazy Tired

    I’m so tired. Leah being gone at BlogHer has made my week a different kind of busy crazy than usual, but it’s all good. Unrelated: Trying to catch up when you’re miles behind sucks. I’m tired. This weekend will be the end of the project that’s been a damn anchor around my neck for months….

  • Pioneer Children Walked and Walked

    Sans-car, yesterday I walked 4.3 miles, this according to Google Maps Pedometer. My feet HATE me today. And my sandals are now broken, both of them. I slept well last night. I priced bicycles yesterday. Saw a cheapo for $99.99, and at a real bike shop the lowest bike I saw was at least $300….

  • Long Time Gone

    So sleep is a pastime I have been missing mostly. But it’s all good, crap’s getting done. Of note in particular is that on a personal level, Leah and I are actually a couple, a partnership, a marriage. We’ve made some amazing progress in counseling these past few months. Mostly what we learned is that…

  • Hot LeahPeah BlogHer Action

    I’m smitten. MaggieMason (mightygirl) took this photograph.

  • “Now Go See Arthur Lee”

    I used to do a running gag about bands I’d do with people, particularly my friend missewon. The line was “one of em’s dead, ya can’t go see ’em.” It’s not a particularly funny line. But how else to explain that you couldn’t see the Beatles (Lennon dead), Doors (Morrison), INXS (Hutchence), etc etc. It’s…

  • Leahpeah BlogHer Panel

    I am so proud of her. Photograph by Sour Duck.

  • Galactus

    I quite like the concept of Galactus. Though I can’t say I ever read a story with him I really liked. Perhaps the Moebius Silver Surfer story. Galactus, sometimes called the Devourer of Worlds or Eater of Planets, is a fictional comic book super villain, a cosmic entity within Marvel Comics’ universe.

  • I Hate Illinois Nazis

    Here are some of the files the jerks who want to run exploits look for. I see these in my 404 stats.        /stats/        /scgi-bin/stats/        /scripts/        /scgi/awstats/        /cgi-bin/stats/        /cgi-bin/awstats/        /cgi/awstats/        /scgi-bin/awstats/  …

  • Featuring LeahPeah from BlogHer

    aka JeSais: Blogher Post #2 blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah POST. …that’s my new favorite sound effect.

  • Broken namespace url at SixApart?

    On, they use a special xml namespace for their custom attributes: xmlns:at=””> Cool! but appears to be missing. Maybe that’s just a placeholder?

  • 128 characters or less

    blogging on vox. whilst in transit. earlier.

  • Phrase of the Yesterday

    “Electric Fence”

  • Wellies

    via robotwisdom: Hifi Wellies @ Raves What the heck is a “Wellie” — it’s a Wellington boot, of course. If you’re a foot fetishist, you may like this. I just think the boots are amazingly diverse, and I can’t remember seeing anything like these in the US.

  • The Sandals Which I Killt Wif My Walking

    Remember back on July 30th where I said “yesterday I walked 4.3 miles, this according to Google Maps Pedometer. My feet HATE me today. And my sandals are now broken, both of them.” These are they. And now they must be retired.

  • Affirmation of the Day

    “This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad.”

  • Sometimes

    Only Frank Zappa can cure what ails ya. I have 971 tracks by Mr. Zappa. 4.88 Gigabytes worth. That’s a lot of healing, brotha. Tonight: Billy the Mountain, Willie the Pimp, The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing, Montana (Whipping Floss) Picked up a book from the library for the ride home: Stealing Jesus. Not bad, pretty…

  • Now Playing

    Night Of The Living Baseheads Very little music is more vital than Public Enemy from “It takes a nation of millions to hold us back.”

  • Bathroom Singing Par Excellance

    Very Zen » Oh Boy. Amanda B. singing, partly for my very own wife. Darn good for some random singing in a bathroom. Clearly, she’s done that before.

  • Busing or Bussing?

    As of a matter of fact, Sunday night I did in fact take a Greyhound Bus from Southern Utah to Los Angeles. It was an adventure. I took Metrolink too. Remind me to tell you about it all sometime! Off to work! It’s alright mama, It’s alright with me.

  • Scene from Greyhound Bus Station, Los Angeles, Monday, 4:30am

    I tell the cabbie “Union Station.” It’s a solid 2 miles. Too far a walk for how tired I am, and not really convenient on local buses. “I hate Mayor Villarigosa” declares the cabbie at the Bus Station. “Because he made the FlyAway service, and nobody takes cabs to the airport anymore.” “Well, don’t you…

  • Library, Home Depot, Fry’s

    There might not be a more perfect on-the-way-home sequence. Oh, yes there is, just add, “Leah meets me for dinner and we see a movie.” Not today though. Leah’s on her way home from Utah now. Victorville or thereabouts. It can’t be too soon! Ta!

  • She’s Back

    YAY! … and safely and everything. What a relief to have her home. Today: we have the kids, I have work.  Yesterday I finished listening to the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy: Tertiary Phase. A HH radio series I had not before heard. Some very good belly laughs in there. I got it, like many…

  • Phrase of the Day

    The plural of ‘anecdote’ is not ‘data’

  • LIKE (Transact-SQL)

    LIKE (Transact-SQL) I really had no idea you could use [brackets] the way you can in a SQL Server “LIKE” clause. You learn something new every day.

  • Large Decisions Afoot

    Seriously. It’s all good.

  • Today at Mass

    Remember by affirmation of the day the other week, it’s in a song that was the closer at Mass today. It’s from Psalms 118:24 It’s not one I hear every week, it was a nice surprise after having missed Mass several weeks in a row. Felt like a “welcome back” message. That’s a stretch, but…

  • Oh angel eyes / Am I deceived / Or did you sigh?

    Sick last week. No longer sick this one. So much to do so little to say! No, seriously, hi y’all. A few things: Go see Idiocracy, it’s puerile and gross and dumb and smart as a tack. Definitely rated “R” though. You have been warned. I still like Kinokuniya very much. I’m looking forward to…

  • I would climb the garden wall with a candle in my hand

    This is a shot of my father-in-law’s garden in Utah. It’s both wild and cultivated. We caught it out of season. What is growing in your garden?

  • Dweezil Defends Frank’s Legacy

    All about my man Frank. I totally missed this tour. Ah well. Dweezil on Frank: There are so many things that are misunderstood or not recognized about my father’s music because they’ve been filtered by people who work for magazines like Rolling Stone. For example, Rolling Stone recently printed a poor artist-rendering of Frank holding…

  • Listening, Thinking, and Gestating.

    I’ve been listening to this guy‘s writings. I like him. Also, news. Still very early on in the process, have a good thought, wish, prayer, smoke signal, what have you. Onward.

  • I’ve Got Laser Eyes

    Can’t talk right now, so here are some lyrics from Sifl and Olly: I’ve got laser eyes And I know what you’re thinking It comes as no surprise Christmas lights are blinking And I’m so curious And I’m so curious And I’m so curious And I’ve got laser eyes Hey! And I’m so curious And…

  • Wishin’, And Hopin’, and Thinkin’, and Prayin’

    For those small amount of you on the venn diagram who read me but don’t regularly read my Leahpeah, I point you to the latest update, with ultrasoundy goodness, on the gestational progress and situation. Save a prayer for us all. And what else? It’s been quite a few weeks. I’ve been sick quite a…

  • What The Terrorists Want

    The central insight here is that those killed by terrorists are NOT the intended targets. It’s us, the onlookers. The worriers. Every time the US bans some new fluid or gel, we let the terrorists win. That’s dumb. I’m sick of it. Read the whole essay. Crypto-Gram: September 15, 2006 What the Terrorists Want On…

  • There’s Always Someone Cooler Than You

    It looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day. Radness. There’s laundry to fold. Programming to do. Breakfast to have. Go on about your business. Onward.

  • (Monday) Relaxing at Camarillo

    Pre-emptive lyrics of the day for Monday: Lyrics | Pretzel Logic You’ll be riding by, bareback on your armadillo You’ll be grooving high or relaxing at Camarillo Suddenly the music hits you It’s a bird in flight that just can’t quit you You got to come on man And take a piece of Mister Parker’s…

  • Ojai You’re In. Camarillo You’re Out.

    New gig today in Camarillo. No more Ojai. Wish me luck. Looks like a pretty day. Awesome. If you want some entertainment, check out the new Weird Al: White and Nerdy. For the record, I don’t know Klingon. But I do know JavaScript.

  • We Had Joy, We Had Fun, We Were Squinty In The Sun

    It’s been a month since this shot was taken. That was a pretty good trip. I never did say more about my Greyhound Bus trip, particularly the part where I was explaining to the nice bus driver how I lost my boarding pass while he himself was almost about to come to blows with another…

  • Doug Welch on YourLA talking Podcasting!

    Hey! I know that guy! Check him out on tv: My Word with Douglas E. Welch: Douglas on YourLA today!

  • *


  • Tiny Update

    The patient is feeling slightly better. Last night she was feverish, in pain, and honestly we were concerned that we might need to go to the Emergency Room. But as the night wore on, her fever dropped, and she’s feeling a bit better. She’s still bleeding some, but not copious. We’re watching her real close,…

  • Now Playing: Wuthering Heights

    I dig this song, as melodramatic as it is. The version I am listening to is by The Puppini Sisters though. British close harmony is wacky. Think Andrews Sisters. Kate Bush -“Wuthering Heights” Heathcliff, it’s me–Cathy. Come home. I’m so cold! Let me in-a-your window. Heathcliff, it’s me–Cathy. Come home. I’m so cold! Let me…

  • Daily Links

    Stevey’s Blog Rants (tags: blog computer programming opinion howto software) OCaml – Wikipedia I had never heard of this language before. (tags: programming language) vss2svn Migrate away from VSS (suckworthy) to SVN (awesomeness) (tags: vss svn programming software windows development)

  • Daily Links

    Main Page – Ajax Patterns (tags: ajax development programming tutorial javascript web) Json.NET – Newtonsoft (tags: ajax development programming javascript windows json-xslt: XML 2 JSON (tags: ajax programming javascript web xml xslt) Google AJAXSLT (tags: ajax browser google programming javascript xml xslt) The Writing Life – For Leah (tags: writing books) Qcodo –…

  • Daily Links

    Systems Development Life Cycle – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: software programming systems business) US DOJ Systems Development Life Cycle Guidance (tags: software programming systems business development) QuickStudy: System Development Life Cycle (tags: software programming systems business)

  • We can’t stop here, this is bat country.

    i needed a laugh today. this was one. found on the very juvenile fark

  • Daily Links

    Did Congress Kill Online Poker? [ Commentary] October 3, 2006 “Now, the new law won’t actually make playing poker online illegal; what it will do is make it illegal for banks and credit card companies to transfer funds from U.S. customers to online gambling sites. And by making it difficult (at the very least) for…

  • The New Google Reader

    Holy cow but the new Google Reader is pretty darn good. Fully worth using to read your RSS and Atom feeds.

  • Daily Links

    WFMU’s Beware of the Blog: The Reel Night John Lennon Died I used to really enjoy taping the radio, I still have some mix tapes with old radio (1980s) on them and they’re pretty fun. This one is evocative. (tags: audio history music nyc radio) Boing Boing: Church where you can walk on water That…

  • Daily Links

    Classic Texts in Computer Science nice set of links (tags: programming software) Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs supposedly a classic. and free! (tags: programming software school book) No Silver Bullet: Another by Fred Brooks (tags: programming software school management) Worse Is Better design philosophy (tags: programming software school design)

  • Daily Links

    Zentrum für Mensch-Maschine-Kommunikation » ImageSorter sorts images by their content (tags: photo software photos photography)

  • William Gibson: Spook Country

    William Gibson‘s new novel will be called Spook Country. Not sure when it will be released, but there’s nothing on Amazon yet.

  • Morning Has Broken

    The opening song at Mass today, this evening, was Morning Has Broken, which I associate with Cat Stevens more than anyone else, though he did not write the song. It was a nice surprise. I remember my mother playing his record Teaser and the Firecat, and that’s a nice memory. Mass was packed, and ran…

  • Simi Valley Nukes

    Now here’s some local history I didn’t know: Report Claims Simi Valley Nuclear Meltdown Has Been Causing Cancer For Decades. How wild. This is not actually that close to us, I mean relatively. But I’ll be watching the news. Here are two articles on ye olde Wikipedia: Santa Susana Field Laboratory; Rocketdyne Santa Susana Field…

  • Of innocent merriment!

    *sigh* My object all sublime I shall achieve in time — To let the punishment fit the crime — The punishment fit the crime; And make each prisoner pent Unwillingly represent A source of innocent merriment! Of innocent merriment!

  • Hector Enrique Calderon Contreras

    Oso has a post you must read. Oso, God bless. El Oso, El Moreno, and El Abogado : Hector Enrique Calderon Contreras 60 years down the road I’ll be 86 and Hector Enrique Calderon Contreras will be 83. Who knows what the Internet will be like at that point. Who knows if this blog will…

  • Daily Links

    The Business of Software – Working from home… (tags: work advice telecommute)

  • BarCamp LA Blog

    BarCamp LA has a posse blog. Awesome. Main page. I missed the meeting last night. I’m just wiped out this week. But I intend to go to the camp.

  • leahpeah: Alex Is Sweet 16

    leahpeah : Blog Archive » Alex Is Sweet 16 Leah made that dress,  in less than 24 hours. Based on a way-wrong “vintage” Vogue pattern and her own native skill. Stunning, it was. We’re still recovering the house from the party – we moved things around a bunch to get lots of floor space, but…

  • Writing Group Ventura County

    Find out more over at Fo’ sho’. Hope to hear from you over there!

  • Hope

    There is always hope. Even when you mess up, you have not wrestled control from Him. After all the dust has settled, where you are and how you are is exactly as He had planned at the outset of creation. And so, there is always hope. (this was the thought of the day from

  • Daily Links

    Great JavaScript Date Library Very useful. I actually used this in JScript for ASP — very nice. (tags: javascript calendar programming asp webdev) Denial – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: psychology) Welcome to Adult Children of Alcoholics – World Service Organization, Inc. (tags: psychology recovery health)

  • I’ll not go walking in the mountains today

    I like that line. Read Joe the Potter. Potters Journal: Taking the deer I read Lost Coyotes blog this morning and left my response. Today is the opening day of Utahs deer hunt. It is like a state holiday. I believe the kids get Monday off from school. Ill not go walking in the mountains…

  • Daily Links

    Great Harvest Bread Co. of the Conejo Valley fresh bread locally. I bet Leah might be into this place. (tags: ventura simivalley thousandoaks newburypark)

  • Not The Body

    Thought of the day from Remember you are not the body. Neither are you the animal that pounds within the body, demanding its way in every thing. You are a G-dly soul. Do not confuse the pain and struggle of the body with the joy and purity of the G-dly soul.

  • latimes: Just Stew being Stew THEATER – Just Stew being Stew I *heart* Stew. I hope to see this show eventually.

  • Great TPM BArnett Quote

    Two hours of Tom Barnett in twenty – thirty? – minutes “Africa won’t be the US – it will be a copy of China, which is a copy of Singapore, which is a copy of Japan, which is a copy of the US.”

  • Daily Links

    Fast Windows: A faster Windows XP? Here’s how! (tags: windows howto microsoft) phpide / (tags: php programming webdev work eclipse ide) YouTube – Unicycle try-all X treme amazing unicycling, for ty (tags: sports) Propel – PHP object persistence for php5 only though (tags: database framework php) ezSQL Database Class (2.00) | JV Multimedia…

  • Simply Put: We Need Money

    Buy a Comic.Or heck, just send me money. I also have a lot of tech books I could sell you at a reasonable price. Consider this a garage sale.

  • what shall we do with and the mailing list?

    greetings all fellow websandiegans. in 1999, i started this mailing list, and soon after the website at since moving away 2 years ago, i have not been much of a steward of this list, and frankly have lost interest. i love and cherish this place, but i have moved on. i have appreciated so…

  • Forgiveness

    Forgiveness – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Forgiveness is the mental and/or spiritual process of ceasing to feel resentment or anger against another person for a perceived offence, difference or mistake, or ceasing to demand punishment or restitution. Forgiveness may be considered simply in terms of the feelings of the person who forgives, or in terms…

  • Daily Links

    Php Object Generator (v2.1.2) – Open Source PHP Code Generator (tags: php programming mysql database webdev) DaDaBIK |\.-./| – DaDaBIK is a DataBase Interfaces Kreator – Create a PHP Web front-end for a MySQL PostgreSQL Oracle MS SQL Server database in a minute (tags: php programming mysql database webdev) AutoStitch free tool to make panoramas…

  • Proverbs 13

    6 Righteousness guards the man of integrity, but wickedness overthrows the sinner. 7 One man pretends to be rich, yet has nothing; another pretends to be poor, yet has great wealth. 8 A man’s riches may ransom his life, but a poor man hears no threat. 9 The light of the righteous shines brightly, but…

  • Moff Def

    So funny! defective yeti: Ice, Ice baby My god, what are we teaching this generation of children? First we have the prequels, portraying Darth Vader as the kind of sensitive romantic more likely to join a boy band called U ‘n’ I than the Sith, and now the Wampa Ice Creature is being recast as…

  • Sent to be Columbus [fragment]

    Now crawl to me Magellan across your barren straits I’m stranded on the sidewalk but I’m sailing Now the rose is whispering and dripping bouquet Now my tongue is listening to every insect message that you’ve sent to me Columbus across your fruited plain soul shipwrecked ‘tween the pillars of your failing Now the rose…

  • Duote of the Qay

    “A man got to have a code” – Omar

  • Daily Links

    Information Architects Japan » Blog Archive » Web design is 95% typography (tags: typography web webdesign design css) My Fast Food name is SAM ( the boys sometimes play with the names they give. leah too. funny stuff. (tags: funny sandiego) The Phone Screen – Joel on Software (tags: jobs interview technology programming)

  • The New New Thing

    Every day is new. Affirmation: “I am capable of changing.” Backup Affirmation: “I am enough.”

  • Tefillin

    Religious practice fascinates me lately: Tefillin – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Tefillin Hebrew: תפלין, also called phylacteries, are either of two boxes containing Biblical verses and black, leather straps attached to them which are used in rabbinic Jewish prayer. They are an essential part of morning prayer services, and are worn on a daily basis…

  • Daily Links

    Barfko-Swill – Official Store: Product ‘Trance-Fusion’ new record. (tags: zappa music) The Daily WTF – No Need to Change It! Funny COBOL story. True. True. (tags: funny programming development)

  • stew sez 2.0

    wie geht’s y’all: stew sez, originally started back in 2003 for stew to vent some writing, has been given a facelift and new interface — it’s a blog. i’m proud to have been able to set this up for stew, and am looking forward to reading more and eventually seeing “passing strange” too. check it…

  • Working the Wound: by stew (lyrics)

    Everyday I build a mask Up to the task But now there’s no real me Call me a collage Of spare parts found in Berlin’s garage But there’s no real me I cut clippings from my dreams And move them around till they look like me But there’s no real me My paste-on eyes can…

  • Daily Links

    One Of Our Submarines really interesting thomas dolby song. (tags: music 1980s) Getting Real the 37signals book (tags: business software technology books book via:mathowie)

  • Daily Links

    TightVNC great app for remote controlling boxe (tags: remote opensource freeware software)

  • Daily Links

    The Joy of Tech presents Mac-O’Lanterns! (tags: halloween howto)

  • Daily Links

    symfony – open-source PHP web framework (tags: php opensource framework programming webdesign webdev) On the Edge of Blade Runner – Google Video bbc documentary on blade runner. why did this never get a dvd release with a special edition? kind of a shame. br deserves good treatment. (tags: cyberpunk movies scifi documentary video) The R…

  • Happy Halloween Rerun!

    This is the time of year when traffic spikes with my post featuring my killer Halloween Pumpkin Designs from a billion years ago. Enjoy y’all!

  • wit and wisdom of people i read

    when will flickering candles, orange haze, undulating shadows and the face of the one you love cease to be the best television ever? – stew With all due respects to Bob Barker, I would have bet anything that he was already dead. And I would have bet everything that “The Price Is Right” was no…

  • Festum omnium sanctorum

    The festival of All Saints, also sometimes known as All Hallows or Hallowmas (“hallows” meaning “saints,” and “mas” meaning “Mass“), is a feast celebrated in their honor. Halloween is the day proceeding it, and is so named because it is” The Eve of All Hallows”. All Saints is also a Christian formula invoking all the…

  • What if you have to un-override a native VBScript Function?

    I know, why the heck would you have to do this? Well, here’s how you would do it: < % Option Explicit ‘ This redefines the “left” function‘ Yes, it’s hard to defend this kind of‘ overriding of native VBScript functionsFunction Left(mystring,mynumber) Left = Right(mystring,mynumber) End Function Dim sc, cmd ‘ This code is the...

  • affirmationOfTheDay

    I trust that the universe is unfolding as it should.

  • Daily Links

    Magical Web Interface Development – JavaServer Faces (tags: java development programming interface)

  • Daily Links

    Locomotive Mac manager for RoR (tags: mac opensource programming rubyonrails software webdev development)

  • Daily Links

    moo.fx – size does matter (tags: javascript css design webdev)

  • Daily Links

    socalTECH – resources for startups, high technology, in Southern California – Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Pasadena and beyond (tags: socal losangeles sandiego technology events business jobs)

  • I voted.

    Yes, I did. The End.

  • Daily Links

    Ionic’s ISAPI Rewrite Filter Updated, and it works. Me likey. (tags: opensource webdev windows iis webserver asp mod_rewrite isapi) 10-Week (Actually 13-week now) Free AJAX Programming (with Passion!) Online Course (tags: ajax training tutorial) gotAPI/Search potentially useful (tags: programming reference) the Right Was Right silly. (tags: funny politics)

  • Daily Links

    Crow Busters we get a lot of crows, but i don’t think i want to eat them (tags: bird culture strange) dojo toolkit – accordion demo (tags: programming javascript dhtml html)

  • Daily Links

    Dallas by Jimmie Dale Gilmore Dallas is a rich man with a death wish in his eyes (tags: music lyrics) Fredrik and Crew on Maiken: Stone sea and volcano trip on the sea captures a volcanic island being formed (tags: geology photography travel ocean)

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    15 Seconds : Using Model-View-Controller Architecture with ASP 3.0 (tags: mvc asp) Random Technology: Simple MVC ASP Framework (tags: mvc asp opensource)

  • Metroblog for Sale

    Metro Blog for sale:  For Sale? SanDiegoBlog The times, they are a- … well, you know the rest. All blessings.

  • Daily Links > News > Metro — Navy sewage flowed to bay since ’04 Yuck. (tags: sandiego military environment)

  • Joe Cool

    I don’t really feel very cool today, but I caught a few minutes of the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special last night, and, well, here he is. Or is that me? I loved Snoopy when I was a kid. Viz: Snoopy the Red Baron, 1975 My grandmother made clothes for my Snoopy. As a matter of…

  • No, Galactus can eat me and my family.

    “No, Galactus can eat me and my family. I do not want to save 32% per issue.” Very very funny. See also: Galactus. Chick Tracts. (Maybe you have to be familiar with the Marvel Universe and disturbing Christian fundamentalist comics to find it funny, though).

  • Daily Links

    The Daily WTF – [CodeSOD] XML vs CSV : The Choice is Obvious I’ve never written anything *this* bad. But I’ll admit to writing pretty bad stuff. (tags: funny xml sad programming) LA Daily News – Frank Zappa is now revered at home Makes me want to go to that little museum. (tags: zappa history…

  • Ten Years of ArtLung on the Web

    I’ve been doing this for a long time. This year marks my tenth year of having a personal website and being known as ArtLung. My earliest website, from my days on geocities, is archived at

  • missewon goes to surgey

    my friend missewon will have surgery today. please keep a good thought and/or prayer for her.

  • Guitar Man at Circle-K

    July of 2005? I believe we were on a drive back from, or to, San Diego and we stopped at a Circle-K — I think it was in San Marcos. And this dude was minding the store, and practicing his shredding. (And yes, wikipedia has an entry for shredding). Leah snapped these photos, though for…

  • Daily Links

    stew sez (tags: stew music blog writing)

  • Thanksgiving

    Dear Readers: What are you doing reading me? Shouldn’t you be eating turkey or tofurkey? Love, Joe p.s.: I am thankful too. There is so much to be thankful for. And Leah, me too.

  • In Hospital: MissEwon

    Not something I expected for this week of Thanks: Hey this is Erin calling from the hospital and I’m not sure if you all know but I do have cancer and I will be doing treatments eventually. We need to find out more about what that pathology is and, like, I don’t know what to…

  • I Am Beautiful

    At least my eye is. Thanks for showing me this Leah.

  • Where you been?

    I’m pretty sure this is where I been. I’ll defer to my family for fuller information. Also add The Philippines, England, France, and Italy. And Guam and Japan, though I was only in airports there, so it scarcely counts. You have to know where you been to know where you’re going, right? Today: boys have…

  • Sardonic Political Comment of the Day

    We have always been at war with Oceania. Been a while since I blogged. More this weekend, promise. Lots and lots of good stuff happening.

  • Cat and Girl Make Me Laff

    I don’t follow many comics or webcomics these days. Over the years I’ve been enamored of ones like Sinfest (fully likable, manga inspired, vaguely religious) and Penny Arcade (a little too inside-baseball, all about gaming and nerds, not my thing, but the ferocity and velocity of the humor can be pretty great, though the language…

  • King Kong

    As we enter Advent, the season prior to Christmas, the title of one of the bootlegs of Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention performances comes to mind.  The recording was made in Stockholm in 1967. The title is “‘Tis The Season To Be Jelly.” Here’s the words of the introduction to the rollicking song…

  • Hope and Advent

    My buddy missewon has cancer. Her spirits are up. That rocks. Like I said in that last post, it’s Advent. [Advent (from the Latin Adventus, sc. Redemptoris, “the coming of the Saviour”) is a holy season of the Christian church, the period of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the Nativity of Christ,…

  • Lohan Not Clear On The Second “A”

    “Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our Traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities.” – AA Traditions

  • Fires in Moorpark = Overtime

    Time with the kids went into overtime today, fires in Moorpark have meant that school is out for Moorpark tomorrow. Instant 3-day weekend for the kids! We did find the moment to decorate the Christmas tree and decorate sugar cookies. They may (almost) all be teens, but they enjoy Christmas… they just enjoy some ironic…

  • Thanksgiving ’06

    Honestly? I was pretty sad when I heard from Leah that she was headed to Seattle for Thanksgiving. With my family all elsewhere, and few contacts here in the area, and with very short notice, the upshot was that I’d be alone on Thanksgiving. My traveling with her was out of the question as I…

  • Smoke Gets In Your Nose

    There’s a lingering scent of smoke in my nose. I can’t quite tell if that scent is leftover from having driven within 15 miles of the Moorpark Fires, or whether that scent is just as present and strong in Camarillo. It’s discomfiting. Douglas Adams has an essay in Last Chance to See, his foray into…

  • Daily Links

    Media Orchard, by the Idea Grove Surprising and refreshingly funny and insightful interview with Drew Curtis of If you have no time to read, skip down to the question: “In general, do you have any advice for traditional news Web sites that are envious of what you’ve been able t (tags: business web interview…

  • Daily Links

    Lego Programming Never a silver bullet, ever. (tags: programming software development)

  • Rebirth in Spring City

    A moving story. Potter’s Journal: Rebirth in Spring City

  • Smoke carries the prayers aloft

    I know, I have more to say, but honestly, Joe the Potter has great stuff these days. His pottery makes great Christmas gifts, too. Potter’s Journal: Firing with Lee Yesterday I arose at 5 am and made my way to the kiln that Lee and I had loaded the night before. The temperature outside was…

  • The Nose Knows?

    Leah’s body rejects nose piercing: The Nose Knows? There’s always next time. She had it pierced before she knew me, and if I were a betting man I’d say she’ll do it again sometime. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in 15 years. But she likes them. For a long time I thought the appearance of my mate…

  • Daily Links

    How to Create Great HTML Emails with CSS – (tags: html css design howto) The Productivity Perks Behind Prototype’s Popularity (tags: javascript programming webdev framework) Django | Documentation (tags: python programming webdev framework django) Django | The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines (tags: python programming webdev framework django) The Django Book (tags: python…

  • Sometimes

    Things are really hard, yo. Even when they’re really good.

  • And Boom

    Another day. Lovely one I think and affirm. Onward.

  • Help me think in MVC

    Dear LazyWeb: I discovered the Model-View-Controller pattern earlier this year. Well, not discovered, I had read about it in OO programming articles years ago. And it’s been around for decades. But this year I think I’m finally getting it. I think the reason I never got it was because I’d never encountered a system that…

  • txt msgs b2ween joe and lp b4 leah left on plane

    joephone: @fry.s leahphone: But r there flies? joephone: No flies but you are a prize leahphone: The space between us our love does not disguise joephone: And now my face a smile can not hide

  • Daily Links

    Pitchfork Feature: Interview: Tom Waits (tags: music interview) Social Facts, Expertise, Citizendium, and Carr. Many-to-Many: I’ve missed Clay Shirky’s essays. Many 2 Many just hit my reading list again. (tags: socialsoftware shirky wikipedia wiki culture) Friends, friendsters, and top 8: Writing community into being on social network sites Another good Danah Boyd article (tags: socialsoftware…

  • FrontPage est mort

    I had not heard this news. FrontPage: After nine years of being an award-winning Web authoring tool, FrontPage will be discontinued in late 2006. We will continue to serve the diverse needs of our existing FrontPage customers with the introduction of two brand-new application building and Web authoring tools using the latest technologies: Office SharePoint…

  • Science Fiction Definition via Bruce Sterling

    In 2004, Bruce Sterling spoke at the Long Now foundation on the topic: The Singularity: Your Future as a Black Hole. One sequence jumped out of me when listening to the audio because of the very funny at once insightful and dismissive definition of Science Fiction he cites. Before this part he’s talking about the…

  • Time Time Time; Experts I Treasure

    In the past three months I’ve been making a concerted effort to make better use of my time and energy. For a very long time now I feel as though my energy has been unfocused and ill-spent. One of the large issues for me has been the incredible amount of email I receive. A big…

  • MVC Updated

    My post asking about MVC was updated.

  • David Byrne and David Letterman

    When I was a teenager, these men were my heroes. Byrne is gawky, nervous, perhaps not entirely there, and a bit spooky. Letterman is a lovable jerk, always projecting a detached, superior irony. I saw myself in them at the time. What does it mean that my teenage self (age 13-17 mostly, and beyond) it…

  • Daily Links

    Texas Monthly: BurkaBlog: Protest at SMU Targets Bush Library The letter to Turner makes the point that there are “two fundamentally different visions of the Library”: a neutral space for unbiased academic research conducted by scholars, or a conservative think tank and policy institute that engages in legacy polish (tags: politics history) PopMatters TV Feature…

  • 1946 Nightmare Pottersville = 2006 Las Vegas

    One of the great cliches of Christmastime is the airing and re-airing of It’s a Wonderful Life. Jim Kunstler, writer of the excellent Geography of Nowhere he of with a blog name that is not safe for work.  writes about the parallel universe vision of George Bailey’s Pottersville, and how it bears a close resemblance…

  • Wienermobile!

    I kid you not, this morning on my commute to work I saw the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile travelling south on the 101 around Newbury Park, California. It was a delightfully surreal moment for me.

  • Daily Links

    eBaySDForum2006-11-29.pdf (application/pdf Object) Great PDF on how eBay scales the way it does. (tags: architecture java programming pdf howto database)

  • evolving

    I think I mentioned that the San Diego web sites are no longer in my hands. Well, here’s yet more evidence that my letting go was the right move — is set for more changes. Very exciting stuff.

  • Image of the Day

    He cracks me up, despite myself. Explained.

  • Daily Links

    Google Browser Sync clever clever. (tags: google browser tools howto firefox) The Trac Project – Trac project tracking. open source. better than bugzilla? (tags: via:alabut management opensource software svn webdev development project) Ian Gilman – Software & Web – Heaven & Earth (tags: free games history puzzle download)

  • Daily Links

    Crossing borders: JavaScript’s language features Appreciations of the power of JavaScript are coming out all the time. (tags: development javascript programming webdev tutorial)

  • Happy Anniversary, Baby

    two years ago leah and i got married. There’s even some audio. And more. (the best kind of) ONWARD.

  • Daily Links

    Donation Derby » Cat and Girl I donated some dough, and got a comic! Neat! (tags: comic funny)

  • Trip Preparation

    Laundry almost done. Presents almost packed. Cards almost mailed. Almost almost almost. What better thing to do than to blog?!? Doug Welch points out what could be pretty interesting — In person gaming. Why, we could call it, an arcade! Seriously though, this looks really cool. The boys might dig it too. Lately they…

  • What’d I Miss?

    1. Merry Christmas! 2. Back from Utah. Great trip. 3. James Brown and Gerald Ford died? That sucks. 4. Earthquake in Asia knocks out lots of internet? That’s technically interesting and somewhat sad. 5. Email and work to catch up on. 6. Wait, we didn’t send the Christmas cards? (That was my job, and we’re…

  • Daily Links

    Wedding Chapel Las Vegas Reception, Wedding Chapel Reception Las Vegas Nevada, Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas Marriage Reception, Wedding Chapel Marriage Las Vegas, Wedding Chapel Marriage Las Vegas Nevada, Wedding Chapel Viva Las Vegas Nevada, Viva Elvis Re where leah and i got married two years ago. (tags: marriage leahpeah leahandjoe) OpenID screencast (tags: development…

  • Americart Pricing Change for Pair Customers

    I loved Americart at $15/month when it was through The pricing has changed now, and the minimum is now at $40/month. I dislike this change immensely. Any Americart workalikes out there that are at a lower rate? I think it’s time to move away from Americart, much as I have loved recommending them to…

  • Thought Provoking

    Thought of the day from Peace If you are not at peace with others, examine if you are at peace with yourself.

  • Kanab From Above

    My brother in law took this great picture of his daughter above Kanab. I love how the photo implies Kanab is some kind of metropolis. It’s a great town, but don’t think for a minute there’s more than one stoplight. 🙂 Many of my in-laws went on a hike on Tuesday. It was quite a…

  • Daily Links

    CakePHP Manual: Conventions (tags: cakephp php howto) 55 – A Tourist Map of Gotham « strange maps As a fan of Batman, I find this to be very fun. (tags: via:kottke comics maps) Why PUT and DELETE? interesting conversation here about the HTTP verbs that aren’t GET and POST (tags: webdev web webservices programming development)

  • Daily Links

    Ryan Tomayko – Digg Scares Me (403 Go Away!) Digg kinda scares me, too. (tags: humor socialsoftware writing culture) SimplePie: Documentation potentially useful library (tags: php syndication software opensource)

  • Daily Links How to easily AJAX your site – Download Squad (tags: ajax javascript tutorial howto webdev) Marineland of the Pacific (tags: history socal) Marineland of the Pacific – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: history socal) The Chuck Miller Creative Writing Service: Dickie Goodman (tags: via:waxy music history) American Book Review 100 Best First Lines from…