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Loving Each Day 2006 Feb 18

Leah sent me this today.

Loving Each Day

If we’re upset and confused, we’re going to force our upset and confusion on somebody else. If two people are married and one has an emotional hang-up, that person may cause the other one emotional confusion, and then the marriage will be crippled. The existence will be crippled.

If someone around you is emotionally upset, tell that person not to put that on you. You can help that person work through it, but don’t take that confusion and upset on yourself. You don’t have to allow that.

Be selfish in a positive way.

– John-Roger
(From: Sex, Spirit and You, p. 73)

blogged this at 2:32pm in 2006 in February. The 18th was a Saturday. You are reading this 14 years later. Comment. There are no comments Tweet. Send email. It has no hastags.

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