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  • Truth via Humor

    Leah makes lemonade from the bitter lemony harvest of ants that have been quietly haunting us for a few weeks. I was impolite to her today. Curt. Short. Not cool, Joe. Not cool. Cool your Jets Boy! It’s not easy being green. Not easy to juggle priorities and be a grown up. It would be…

  • ManKind Project: Question

    Dear Internet, What can you tell me about the ManKind Project? Can you recommend any Men’s spiritual retreats? Thanks, Joe

  • Cartoons are only pictures. Pictures have power.

    Two cartoonists weigh in on the Danish cartoon controversy. Only Pictures? SPIEGELMAN: I have spent a lot of time soul searching and still come out on the same side of the equation. If there’s a right to make cartoons, there has to be a right to insult, and if there’s no right to make cartoons,…