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  • Fat Tuesday, Gird Loins, Wabi-sabi

    Yo. So Mass today was good. The homily was about Grace. Grace as in that “hand of God,” possibly last seen inspiring Jules Winfield in Pulp Fiction. Or maybe dropping down and bopping me on the head to go to Mass on the morning after Leah announced that we should be separated. I was comforted….

  • Catholic Mormon Podcast

    I’m not quite sure what to make of something called a Catholic Mormon Podcast. “Hey you got your Mormon in my Catholic!” “Hey, your Catholic got into my Mormon!” Two great tastes that go great together! … It sure is a big internet.

  • Mathowie on “Myutterconfusionspace”

    Matt made me laff when he said: Next time I see Clay Shirky, I want a hug and a story of how it all makes sense somehow. Speaking of which, I miss Clay’s writings. Nothing new, no new newsletters or essays in a long time. Maybe he really is sitting on the mountaintop somewhere, explaining…

  • Question of the Day

    Overheard by someone else, but a necessary koan nonetheless: If I can’t trust your ‘no,’ how can I trust your ‘yes’ ? The concern this day is constancy. Of doing the right thing, for the right reasons, without trying to “sell” “win over” “impress” or otherwise manipulate another person. I do that, it’s not a…

  • Word of the Day