this is the website of joe crawford. code. occasional comics. toy robots. san diego.
  • Olivia Rex with some new songs

    Hey you kid! Want to hear some tasty new tracks from Olivia Rex? Get on over to:Olivia Rex: Listen now to hear the scoop. She‘s seriously awesome. You should hear her live!

  • Anniversary of The April Fool

    On the April Fool’s after my eighteenth birthday, I got caught being a fool. So that was 1988. That’s 18 years again since the event. So I’m twice as old now as I was then. Maybe twice as wise. Maybe even 18 times as wise. Part of living an authentic life is being able to…

  • We’re not bad looking at all

    In fact, we’re cute as heck in that one. Photo by the inimitable Leah.

  • We’ll be speaking at MacGathering in May 2006

    Leah and I will be speaking about websites at MacGathering — here’s the instructors.