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  • Hiding Eggs

    Leah was not feeling real hot, so on Easter it fell to me to hide the eggs in Grandma & Grandpa’s backyard. Tyler could not get in on it, he was feeling too ill to compete. If you know Tyler, you know that that indicates he was really really sick. The boy has competitive spirit…

  • Zion (a good question)

    On the drive from Mount Pleasant to Kanab, we drove the 89 south. We passed several signs that mentioned “Zion” in one form or another. Zion National Park is not too far away, and many businesses are named for Zion in one name or another. Tyler, sitting in the front seat, and recuperating from his…

  • James Leland: Photos For Sale

    A fellow 3ones member, James Leland, photographer and artist, has been having some serious troubles this past year. From his website, The other day I got an e-mail from a friend about a rent party for a charity group he was affiliated with. My first inclination was to help him, but instantly it hit…

  • Posts That Might Be

    coming this week I hope: Zion (a good question) Hiding Eggs The Extra Bone Bet Carrying Dirt Is For The Young Cherry Blossoms Ingrown Toenail Tyler’s Red Vomit

  • Back. Tired.

    Back from our trip. Tired. Getting back in the swing of things. Good morning y’all!