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  • updated.

    ColdFusion TitleCase Function was updated with the addition of U.S. state abbreviations, via a reader submission.

  • Simi Valley Apple Store

    Leah and I (and Alex and a friend bff of hers) were at the Simi Valley mall this weekend, and one of the storefronts was an “under construction” Apple Store. We actually have one in Thousand Oaks, maybe 15 minutes away, at another mall, but it’s neat to see one coming for Simi.

  • MySpace for Catholics?

    O Click All Ye Faithful: The nun who launched the Vatican’s Web site is at work on a MySpace for Catholics via robotwisdom 

  • Toenail Update

    I actually cannot tell anymore that I had an ingrown toenail. I think it’s was a lot of sandal-wearing, and a few days of soaking, along with some massaging of the area to relieve pressure on the toe and nail. Feeling: thankful.