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Embarassment of Riches 2006 May 08

So today I got two offers or employment — well, specific interest in me for jobs for which I’m quite qualified.

The first was a job in Respiratory Therapy in San Diego. The problem? I no longer live there, and I no longer do that. And yes, the offerer had been to see my resume for Respiratory Care. And I did point out that it says right on there that I don’t do that anymore.

The second was for a ColdFusion job located in the Inland Empire. That’s fine, but I am working as part of Crawberts, and I live nowhere near the Inland Empire. Still, it’s only slightly closer than San Diego.
I’m flattered to be wanted for jobs, I just wish they were a little better targeted.

What Leah and I really need are some tasty web applications we can build for folks. That’s what we’re good at. Websites too, and flash animations, and navigation systems. All things web, as we say.

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