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Easy Things First 2006 May 20

Sometimes the only thing that feels possible is to do the easy thing first.

Small task completion is so much more satisfying than working on big tasks that take lots of time and never seem to be finished.

But then if all you ever work on are small tasks, big tasks will never ever get done.

And then where does that put you with your true responsibilities?

(Wait, back up, the implication is that the big ones are the only true ones, that’s not true. The small ones are true too).

Prioritization, then, is the watchword to meditate on today. Also, courage to tackle the things that seem insurmountable.

Just what makes that little ole ant think he’ll move that rubber tree plant?

Questions to ponder, brother.

Straighten up and fly right!

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Maybe the trick is to break the big tasks down into a series of smaller, easier tasks?

Yeah, smaller and smaller until they’re doable things.

That’s the theory, anyway. 🙂

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