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Married, moved, and getting it together.

Blade Runner Sketchbook for sale or for auction. Other News.

I’m fixing to sell my copy of ultra-rare copy of the Blade Runner Sketchbook.Pictures will be online sometime in the near future.

Interested? Leave a comment with your email and I’ll get back with you.

I’ve seen the book online for up to $950. Serious inquiries only.

(in other news: thanks for the condolences, everyone. and also, there are many changes happening in my life. positive ones, but not easy ones. progress is being made. oh heck, I AM MAKING PROGRESS).

Onward, Christian Soldiers!

Ché the Cat 1997-2006


I got word this afternoon from my ex-wife Jennifer that Che, our cat, died. He was about 10 years old. His spleen was enlarged and he went into shock, then there was nothing that could be done for him. Sad.

This is a sad sad thing. He was a good boy, a good cat, and he will be missed.

He really was a fun, happy, fun cat.

I’m not sure where my spiritual beliefs place “cat heaven” — but he was loved and will be remembered, so even now he lives on at least in our hearts.

More photos of him moved over to flickr.

Ask San Diego Blog

If you are in San Diego, or just like San Diego, read this thread, and if there’s something cool that’s been missed, leave a comment too! Ask San Diego Blog!

Noam Chomsky @ West Point

Awesome video. I like hearing Noam speak. He may not be easy to agree with, but he knows how to formulate an argument and provide evidence, as opposed to mere bloviating.

I read about this appearance on Red State Son:

You’d think that when someone like Noam Chomsky speaks to West Point cadets about US imperial history and the high power hypocrisy that justifies it, there’d be a lot of online commentary, across the board. Personally, I didn’t know anything about this until a friend mentioned it to me the other night — so yesterday I looked it up, and there was Noam, laying down the righteous s**t in front of an audience of well-scrubbed, soon-to-be butterbars. It’s an hour long, but worth the time.

via robotwisdom

also, butterbar = military slang for “a Second Lieutenant; a reference to the insignia of rank – a single gold bar”

Affirmation of the Day

“Just for today I will act in a way I would admire in someone else.”

Fictional Penguins & Free Will

Madagascar Penguins

I have decided my new favorite characters in film are the penguins from the movie Madagascar. I didn’t see that in the theatres, but I remember seeing a Christmas short with them in it and really enjoying it. I love the four way interaction of the characters: Skipper (also, “Joe”?), Kowalski, Private, and Rico. It’s a whole lot of fun to watch.

In doing some, “ahem” research on this and found that wikipedia has a whole category of “fictional penguins.” I was happy to see Badz Maru and Tux on there.
That rocks.

They have their own page as well. That also rocks.

I know someone whose name is Pinguino. She runs Penguin Palace. She’s not listed, although she draws a mean penguin (ninja penguin, actually).

Last night I got into a conversation with a fellow “on a journey of changing and growing” (as I am) about free will. It’s comforting to know that wikipedia also does an admirable job with that topic as well. I found myself defending the universe’s arbitrary nature as a mystery. I was arguing that it “feels like we have free will” and that pretty much, we’re limited by that. The fellow I was talking about was asking about the fact that other people also have free will too, and asked if their free will affected my free will. I said that “yes indeed, people affect other people, this is the way things are set up.” He asked why God would allow people to do bad things with their free will, maybe (s)he/it/they might intervene and protect us from such things. My answer was that perhaps we’re meant to learn something. I vividly remember arguing, as a college student (maybe 20 years old?) that pain was not required to learn things. Well, I’m 36 now, and I can tell you that my experience is that learning only comes with some degree of pain. I admit it would be nice to take a week or month off from this fact. It’s nonetheless true that this does not happen very often.

Hey, I’m learning to listen to my inner voice and let it guide me in my life.

Also, funny penguins are funny.

The dude abides.

Jason Scott Interview with LeahPeah

leahpeah » Jason Scott

I’m a big fan myself of Jason via the BBS Documentary. Leah gets some great interviews, indeed!


I’m simmering a post right now about work, religion, radical activism, Catholicism, the Stations of the Cross, Liberation Theology, movies, Robert McNamara, fog, war, violence, human nature, documentaries, art, truth, and the world. Of course, this is a short post, so you’ll have to make do with an extremely beautiful photograph of my wife Leah.


BarCamp Los Angeles Geek Dinner

Leah, Devon and I went to BarCamp / BarCampLA-Geek2 last night. It was pretty great. Social and nerdy, and good food at Mao’s Kitchen. Dev was too young to make it into The Brig, but he was mixing it up at Mao’s.

Good group of people, and we’ll be returning to such events in the future.

Me, June 2006


by Leah. The goatee is back this month.

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