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Great San Diego Real Estate Post2006Jul18

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Excellent thoughts all ’round. Civil, passionate, informed discourse.


wrote this Tuesday July 18th 2006 at 12:17am That was 15 years ago. 3 comments

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Yeah… but what do YOU think?

What, I totally dug the conversation. 🙂

I play my cards close the vest Sasberto.

Seriously though — I’m so far away from home ownership it’s on my radar in the same way picking out a burial plot would be. Sure, I could use it, but it’s not something on my radar at the moment.

But bubbles fascinate me, real or fake, and SD real estate is an interesting beast.

Bubbles are definitely interesting… and I do believe there is a bubble… but it’s all over the entire world, and it’s not just real estate, but all commodities. Thank the Global Economy for that one.

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