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Scene from Greyhound Bus Station, Los Angeles, Monday, 4:30am2006Aug23

I tell the cabbie “Union Station.” It’s a solid 2 miles. Too far a walk for how tired I am, and not really convenient on local buses.

“I hate Mayor Villarigosa” declares the cabbie at the Bus Station. “Because he made the FlyAway service, and nobody takes cabs to the airport anymore.”

“Well, don’t you think it’s a good deal for the people who want to go to the airport?” I ask.

He says “sure, but what about us!?!”

I tell him sorry about that, but it’s a good deal for people going to the airport.

He says “it’s alright man. I guess i’ll go back to the Bus Station and try and get a few more fares before I end my night.”

Thing of it is, I wasn’t even going to use FlyAway. I was going Metrolink.

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