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I would climb the garden wall with a candle in my hand 2006 Sep 07

This is a shot of my father-in-law’s garden in Utah. It’s both wild and cultivated. We caught it out of season.
What is growing in your garden?

Utah Flowers
Joe Crawford blogged this at 7:02am in 2006 in September. The 7th was a Thursday. You are reading this 13 years later. Comment. There are 2 comments Tweet. Send email. It has hashtags→ .

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I just planted a ton of Lobelia and Canis that the neighbor pulled out of his yard. Right now my biggest problem is bermudagrass which has infested my loveley green lawn. impossible to remove by hand, I have placed all my hopes in a product called Ornamec which is an extremely expensive herbicide that can supposedly tame the dreaded bermuda. If that fails, I have no choice but to kill my entire lawn, or let the bermuda take over. 🙁

Cool man. Leah just potted (in a giant pot) a rosebush.

We’re hoping for some coolness.

Gardens are pretty cool.

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