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  • Great TPM BArnett Quote

    Two hours of Tom Barnett in twenty – thirty? – minutes “Africa won’t be the US – it will be a copy of China, which is a copy of Singapore, which is a copy of Japan, which is a copy of the US.”

  • latimes: Just Stew being Stew THEATER – Just Stew being Stew I *heart* Stew. I hope to see this show eventually.

  • Not The Body

    Thought of the day from Remember you are not the body. Neither are you the animal that pounds within the body, demanding its way in every thing. You are a G-dly soul. Do not confuse the pain and struggle of the body with the joy and purity of the G-dly soul.

  • Daily Links

    Great Harvest Bread Co. of the Conejo Valley fresh bread locally. I bet Leah might be into this place. (tags: ventura simivalley thousandoaks newburypark)