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Fires in Moorpark = Overtime 2006 Dec 04

Time with the kids went into overtime today, fires in Moorpark have meant that school is out for Moorpark tomorrow. Instant 3-day weekend for the kids!
We did find the moment to decorate the Christmas tree and decorate sugar cookies. They may (almost) all be teens, but they enjoy Christmas… they just enjoy some ironic distance from it as well.

p.s: I like eggnog and 7-up and cognac. (ratio: 6:5:1)

Kids off tomorrow, but not me. Sleep soon.

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Dude how close is that fire to you guys? Is everyone OK?

We’re all okay. The kids’ dad’s house is pretty near there. They live at the westernmost edge of the main subdivisions in Moorpark, so there is risk. But more of the risk are the houses further away from the main groupings of houses. Grimes Canyon is just a mile or so away. The houses being lost are further out into the agriculture and brush characteristic. Because the kids’ place is more subdivisiony, I think there’s less risk. That said, there is risk. It’s very dry, and EXTREMELY windy all around here. The house howls when it’s like that, so any ember is a risk.

Where we are in Simi there’s no fire at this point, and we’re crossing our fingers for it to stay that way.

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