this is the website of joe crawford. code. occasional comics. toy robots. san diego.
  • Daily Links
    CakePHP Manual: Conventions (tags: cakephp php howto) 55 – A Tourist Map of Gotham « strange maps As a fan of Batman, I find this to be very fun. (tags: via:kottke comics maps) Why PUT and DELETE? interesting conversation here about the HTTP verbs that aren’t GET and POST (tags: webdev web webservices programming development)
  • Kanab From Above
    My brother in law took this great picture of his daughter above Kanab. I love how the photo implies Kanab is some kind of metropolis. It’s a great town, but don’t think for a minute there’s more than one stoplight. 🙂 Many of my in-laws went on a hike on Tuesday. It was quite a…
  • Thought Provoking
    Thought of the day from Peace If you are not at peace with others, examine if you are at peace with yourself.
  • Americart Pricing Change for Pair Customers
    I loved Americart at $15/month when it was through The pricing has changed now, and the minimum is now at $40/month. I dislike this change immensely. Any Americart workalikes out there that are at a lower rate? I think it’s time to move away from Americart, much as I have loved recommending them to…