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Daily Links 2007 Jan 01

blogged this at 11:18pm in 2007 in January. The 1st was a Monday. You are reading this 13 years later. Comment. There are 3 comments Tweet. Send email. It has hashtags→ .

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I’ve always like how you did the LAB on your site. When Blogger added labels (tags), I figured I could combine longer content with LAB type content. Today I end my Summer of George and return to work. Once again it’s all about the code.

Cool MAS. I hate most tech howto sites. So overrun with ads, or requiring registration, that I appreciate when people put simple tutorial nuggets online.

Good luck at the new gig. I wonder what you’ll call this new era.

Agreed. Our profession pays us nicely. Why developers choose to whore out their sites for an extra $20 a month amazes me.

No new name for post-George. There could however be a sequel to Summer of George!

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