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Daily Links 2007 Jan 02

blogged this at 11:27pm in 2007 in January. The 2nd was a Tuesday. You are reading this 13 years later. Comment. There are 2 comments Tweet. Send email. It has hashtags→ .

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You know Lung, I do it not for the laughter or the exploitation of farm animals. No, I do it for all the lonely 4 pawed friends out there who stay up nights hugging nothing more than a half chewed teddy bear or a wad of regurgitated cardboard. Puts a smile on my face you know.
Anyway, i think this topic will be revisted soon enough so stay tuned for weekly hot N fresh updates!

Mr. Tibbs (or can I call you Felix?),
I think you should know that even tonight Joe can’t stop laughing and randomly snorts, shouting out things like ‘TC McCrunchers!’ He had tears coming out of his eyes at one point.
Thanks, man. Thanks.

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