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Time, Attention, and Alan Watts2007Jan16

Thomas Barnett got an assistant and prioritizes based on the level of effort from the asker. Neal Stephenson simply asks you to go away. Eric Raymond wrote a whole article on asking good questions.

One of my favorite articles is from Mark Pilgrim called Why We Won’t Help You (from 2003) which is actually inspirational to me, although I think to some people it will seem callous:

The short, smart-alec, Zen-like answer is that we are helping you, you just don’t realize it yet.

I note quietly that Mark’s favicon is the tajitu.

Zen is on my mind. Leah and I listened to some Alan Watts via the Alan Watts podcast in the car. It was pretty great. About the ego and spirituality and being. I really like it that a guy who has been dead for more than 30 years has a podcast.

Zen — the aspect of accepting and being — being in flow, is what I’m concentrating on today. All is well. Onward.

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alan watts lives forever in our hearts and minds……..and our laughter.

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