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Paint.NET 3.0 Final is out2007Jan28

via  Greg’s Cool [insert clever name] of the Day:

Rick Brewster’s blog : Paint.NET 3.0 — Final Release now available!

I like It’s slim and stable and free. It’s for Windows only, but the “.NET” in the name probably gave that away, yeah?

Get it at

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Cool. I’ll be playing with this tomorrow.

I’m impressed that the thing is free and open source and seems to improve nicely every few months.

The GIMP I keep struggling with, the interaction model is too unlike Photoshop for my taste. But it keeps getting better as well.

I tried GIMP last week and could not understand the user interface.

Absolutely MAS. I only know as much as I did because I sniffed around and did some online tutorials. There’s an effort to make the interface more Photoshoppy, which sorta works interesting.

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