Married, moved, and getting it together. theme validates!2007Feb18

It’s been a sore spot for me that Leah’s excellent blog has not really, uh, worked, for a long time. In MSIE 5 to 7, the thing basically went all wonky with the sidebars and ads and content. The thing was consistently off, and occasionally very broken. There’s an aphorism that “the cobbler’s children have no shoes;” to which a corollary might be — “the web designer’s wife has no working blog theme.” The look was based on an older version of the theme, which was in turn based on Kubrick, a classic (read: OLD) WordPress theme.

Tonight I finally did something about it and voila! It looks like it even works. It’s a relatively generic three-column theme. Not really “new” — the thing that’s new is that it’s not broken. The code is pretty and it works and it is consistent. Besides one non-semanticly correct html table, the rest of it is pretty darn clean. The xhtml even validates!


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