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  • Daily Links

    MySQL AB :: MySQL 5.0 Reference Manual :: 19.2 CREATE VIEW Syntax I am so used to being restrained by the limitations of MySQL I missed completely that it can now do views. I’m using this today on a project. (tags: database mysql programming) Alan Kay: The PC Must Be Revamped–Now (tags: culture computer technology…

  • I sing a song of shoes

    I have discovered an alarming trend of my online life: I document when I wear out my shoes. Here’s: The Sandals Which I Killt Wif My Walking from last August. And Old Shoe from 2004. I made a header out of that one. And in that spirit, here’s the latest in the line of dead…

  • Getting Lost at Mardis Gras

    Tuesday was Mardis Gras, and my Mom reminded me of the time I got lost in the crowds there. I had not remembered how old I was. Here’s the exchange: Joe, Remember when you got lost att Mardi Gras?  What a scare that was.  We almost lost you twice in crowds. I replied: I do…

  • Lenten

    Lent is here. What’s Lent? And there are several possibilities floating around on tables.Stay tuned, I might even write about some of them. Heh. On other notes, I bought Head First Object-Oriented Analysis and Design recently, and I need to take the time and get into it some more. And it’s raining. Commute time, y’all.