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Joe Crawford blogged this at 11:22pm in 2007 in February. The 23rd was a Friday. You are reading this 13 years later. Comment. There are 4 comments Tweet. Send email. It has hashtags→ .

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please don’t become a Piggy disciple. please.

Sass – for why? You gotta problem with him?

Any suggestions of housing/real estate blogs to follow?

Piggington is an excellent resource, even if some of his predictions seem too doom-and-gloom.

Other sites I read on this topic:
CA Housing Forecast

Calculated Risk

San Diego Market Monitor

Piggy makes fun graphs with exaggerated scales to prove his points. He is a dyed-in-the-wool gloom-n-doomer and doesn’t try to hide it. He has a bias and an agenda.

You can get the same information as he does from any number of publicly available sources and make judgements for yourself. Dataquick, OFHEO, CNN, and the Counties have all the raw numbers freely available.

The reality is that unless you are actually looking at property and watching sales in areas you care about, all this ‘analysis’ is just armchair macro-economic editorialism.

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