Record Receivables Outstanding… Now where are they? 2007 Mar 06

So much happening. My contract in Brentwood is ending soon, and I have beaucoup bucks in receivables outstanding — that is, people owe me money for work already done — more than ever, across many clients. The problem is, for about 7 days, no checks! What’s the deal people, baby needs a new pair of shoes! Where are the checks? It’s very frustrating to be so “ahead” on paper and not have the dollars in the bank account, we’re perilously low. It would be one thing if Leah and I had any credit, but we really don’t. If everything came in today, man, we’d actually be in a situation where we could have some savings! Well, almost. Anyway, it’s nice to theoretically be on a more secure financial footing, but it’s dragging out. The suspense is pretty hard to take.

So — Hey! Universe! Pay up! We need it! Thanks for the consideration.

– Joe

Update Tuesday Afternoon: Thanks Universe! We’re two thirds there! And I now have my next gig lined up. Thanks a bunch!

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